Wonder Woman 1984: New Release Date or HBO Max Release Being Considered

The road for Wonder Woman 1984 being released in theaters has not been kind. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has played an effect on delaying the film multiple times. Almost on par with the delays on The New Mutants. As of now, Warner Bros. Studios and DC have the Patty Jenkins directed sequel slated for Christmas Day. Since then besides a second trailer, no promotions haven’t been seen.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the are two options being considered. Option number one is delaying the movie to June 2021. Of course, it makes sense to do so on WB’s part. A big comic book blockbuster film like this deserves a chance to shine on the big screen. While most theaters around the world and the states are reopening to the public, it would be nice to see this get some revenue at the box office. Though, with how scarce the movie landscape is right now I wouldn’t be opposed to waiting a little while longer. Most moviegoers don’t exactly feel like it’s safe to go back just yet but, once a vaccine is produced I feel like the movie industry could finally go back to some normalcy.

Now here’s option two. WB will release Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters on Christmas Day. After two weeks at the box-office, Warner Bros. plans to drop on HBO Max sometime in January. While that option is gaining support the mentions that plans could change. In September, Warner Bros released Tenet with most movie theaters closed and audiences were hesitant to return. The Christopher Nolan directed movie stumbled in US theaters making $55.1 million. Globally the film managed to make back its $200 budget to  $350.8 million. I can see as to why WB would probably want to delay the WW84 again. Sometime soon we should be hearing an official announcement.

Are you excited for Wonder Woman 1984? Should the movie be released onto HBO Max? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Devin Colson

I’m a huge geek when it comes to things like Marvel/DC, Star Wars, anime, etc. Bit of a movie buff. Disney kid at heart.