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Wonder Woman 3 Rumored to Have Ancient Greek Villain Circe Alongside DC’s First Black Female Superhero Nubia, Fans Worried After Patty Extremely Forgettable Cheetah in WW84

Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 1984 was released almost two years ago and made around $46 million across the USA, which was barely anything as compared to the first installment of the series, which had made approximately $418.2 million across the USA. Now with Wonder Woman 3 in the works, rumors have arisen stating that DC villain Circe would be playing the antagonist of the movie along with the introduction of Nubia.

Snow White FandomWire
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

This brings fans to worry as Patty Jenkins’ last attempt at introducing a supervillain did not go so well with Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah being easily forgettable as well as the movie received a lot of mediocre reviews, giving the fans a sense of doubt towards further introductions.

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Who Are Circe And Nubia And What Connects Them To Wonder Woman

Circe is a sorceress who has Greek origins, specifically from the myths of Odysseus, being the sorceress responsible for imprisoning him. Her immortality, mastery over sorcery, and amusement of transfiguration on humans made her a formidable foe of Wonder Woman. Being one of the major villains of Diana Prince’s journey, Circe did sometimes act as an ally for both Kryptonians; Superman and Supergirl. This, however, would not stop the sorceress from fueling her hatred for all Amazons.

wonder woman circe
Circe in Justice League Unlimited

Nubia was first introduced in the DC comics as Diana Prince’s fraternal twin and would also go on to inherit the title of Wonder Woman in future timelines of the comics. Another depiction, the modern era; sees Nubia as Queen of the Amazons of Themyscira, right after Hippolyta. She is said to be DC’s first black superhero according to history with her introduction in 1973.

Nubia in the comics

While one poses as a recurring foe of Wonder Woman, and the other is the future of Wonder Woman and one of her biggest allies.

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Wonder Woman 3 Rumors Worry Fans Because Of Wonder Woman 1984

Nubia and Circe’s involvement in the movie is still a rumor and there have been no casting announcements yet. This also perhaps hints at a potential return of Cheetah as well as Circe’s powers involving the transformation of humans into animals, giving Cheetah another chance to go up against the Amazon warrior.

While on one hand, the fans are ecstatic to see the two in the film; they also remain concerned with the approach the director, Patty Jenkins wishes to take with it. Her attempts with Wonder Woman 1984 were not as well received as she had assumed in the first place. The movie itself made a whopping lesser box office income as compared to Wonder Woman, so the fans question whether or not justice would be given to the characters.

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