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Wonder Woman Knows Why Marvel Universe Is Doomed

Who is better – DC or Marvel Comics? That is the million dollar question. In the age of superheroes, he fans of Marvel and DC have taken their rivalry to the next level. DC Comics and its associated franchise prides itself on its dark and gritty natured themes. Marvel takes the more wholesome and holistic approach. The Comic Book Giants never tire themselves of taking a jab at each other’s throats. DC has taken another swing at Marvel with a recent revelation. This one might be cutting in too close for our taste.

Marvel Comics tend to allow their writers freedom of choosing their locations. Over the years, Marvel has seen its superheroes crossover more often than heir counterparts at DC. DC tends to focus on giving its flagship heroes their own base of operations. Each major DC Superhero has his or her own city to defend and protect. Each hero also has its own supporting characters and exclusive villains. This difference might sound mundane to many but DC reveals that is why Marvel is doomed to fail.

Talking about bleak and harsh realities, nothing comes closer to DC’s Multiverse than Old Man Logan. The Old Man Logan Universe faltered where DC has thrived. Issues like Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, Dark Knights: Metal and Last Knight On Earth show the DC Universe is capable of surviving villainous onslaughts. So why can’t Marvel do the same? What stopped the Marvel heroes from from winning the war in the Old Man Logan Universe? Trust us when we say this, the reason is not just for this particular reality. It applies to everything Marvel.

The answer is simple – Mathematics!! That’s right folks. DC has the power of ‘Secret Math’.

We will try to explain it a bit more. In 2014’s Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman is called in by Oracle to replace an injured Batman. The goal is to save Gotham from total annihilation. DC Villains have joined forces to destroy Gotham. Oracle explains why that would never happen because of the Secret Math of Gotham City. The Secret Math is pretty simple – Major DC Super Villains hate their villainous colleagues as much as they hate their superhero nemeses. That is why we do not see any major Team-Ups hold up to the test of time.

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In DC, Villains are prone to double cross their allies. Each DC Villain, be it the Joker, Lex Luthor, Batman Who Laughs, Cheetah, Grodd, the Reverse Flash – have their own vision to reshape the world. And that is why they do not sit well.

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In Marvel Comic’s case, the scenario is vastly different. In Old Man Logan, the Marvel Villains showed exemplary levels of coordination and teamwork. Even though they had designs of their own, they agreed to rally under a single leader – the Red Skull. Although they do fight against each other, that is a long term issue. In DC, the villains hate each other’s guts to the core. That is the secret math of the DC Universe. And that is why the Marvel Universe is doomed to repeat a vicious cycle of rage and violence.