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Wonder Woman Voice Actress Reveals Why Solo Game Took Forever To Happen

Wonder Woman voice actress Susan Eisenberg revealed why the iconic Justice League character took so long to get her own game.

Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Eisenberg shared her experiences in giving life to the character in video games. She also shared her sentiments about the upcoming solo game.

I am so happy that fans are getting what they want, because they have waited so long to get things like a feature film, and now a game, so now they’re just waiting on an animated series. So hopefully fans can get everything.”

On Why Wonder Woman Should Get Her Own Game

Eisenberg thought that the solo game has been long overdue. She believes it is a stepping stone for the character to get a more in-depth story. One may indeed wonder why she has not been given a solo game like Superman and Batman before, despite being one of the trinity of DC Comics.

Fandomwire Video
Susan Eisenberg Wonder Woman
Susan Eisenberg as the voice of Wonder Woman

The voice actress added:

It’s not that I would take anything away from them, but I just want it to be added to her. I need Wonder Woman to be treated as an equal. Because I don’t think, up until this moment, she has been. And that’s a whole other interview that we can have another day! She’s an equal part of that trinity, but she doesn’t get treated as such. I know some people that are working on the game, and I’m so glad it’s finally happening.” (via CBR)

Wonder Woman Game
Teaser Trailer for Wonder Woman Solo Game

The announcement of Wonder Woman’s solo game has been revealed before, and although there are no further details given yet, a teaser trailer has been posted. So far, everything we know about the upcoming game is in this post:


Wonder Woman: Everything We Know About DC’s New Game

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