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Wong and Abomination’s Fight In Shang-Chi Explains An Infinity War Mystery

Wongs Abomination Fight In Shang Chi Explains An Infinity War Mystery

Shang-Chi at the moment is leading the international box office and is estimated to generate another $17 million this weekend. The film has been a hit ever since its release and was a detailed representation of Shang-Chi’s origin. It has however solved an old mystery related to Wong from Avengers: Infinity War.

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One of the scenes from the film features an underground fighting tournament at the Golden Daggers Club situated in Macau. Xialing (Meng’ er Zhang) who is Shang-Chi’s (Simu Liu) estranged sister, owns the fighting club. Shang-Chi decides to pay her a visit since he thought Xialing sent him a message. The club which is a rather eccentric place broadcasts all its fights on the dark web where viewers can bet on the participants they see as potential winners. The winners are even rewarded with an enormous amount of cash prizes.

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Now, the fact that Wong is a part of this underground fighting tournament with a formidable opponent like Abomination speaks volumes.

In the first few minutes of Avengers: Infinity War, Wong, and Stephen Strange have a conversation about money where Stephen asks Wong the reason why he never has any money with him. Wong gives a rather esoteric answer and tells him that, “Attachment to the material is detachment from the spiritual.” However, as soon as Strange tells him that he is headed to the deli, and Wong doesn’t want to miss out on a tuna melt. He pulls out 200 rupees from his drape’s pocket tells Strange that it’s an equivalent of a “buck and a half.” Now seeing Wong’s need for money and the fact that he already has some rupees with him in Infinity War suggests that he received it in a fighting tournament.

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Well, Wong has no other source of income to support such toothsome expenses. It’s likely that he has been milking money from fighting tournaments at the Golden Daggers Club. The money that he had in Infinity War was possibly a part of his income from previous fighting tournaments. Despite the advice that he gave to Stephen that “detachment from the spiritual,” Wong evidently has a way to rake in money and pad his pockets.

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There’s even a possibility that Strange’s conversation inspired Wong to find this new source of income for himself. In Infinity War, the currency which Wong has with him merely sums up to $2. That doesn’t even buy you a deli sandwich. Stephen is obviously piqued by Wong’s lack of funds in Avengers: Infinity War, so it’s even possible that he came up with the plan to join Xialing’s Golden Daggers Club to scrounge up some money of his own. In other words, he did it all for tuna melts


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