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Marvel SDCC Leak Allegedly Confirms World War Hulk Disney+ Series, But Has Ragnarok Butchered the Arc Beyond Kingdom Come?

A Marvel SDCC leak claims that a World War Hulk series would be released on Disney+. The rumors were started by a viral Reddit screenshot that made claims about the upcoming Marvel projects and has started the talks that have made the fans really excited. But there is the World War Hulk in particular that has made the fans wonder how it is going to work out for MCU after Thor: Ragnarok has already messed up the arc beyond saving.

World War Hulk rumored to be a MCU Disney+ series
World War Hulk rumored to be adapted as an MCU Disney+ series

The World War Hulk Arc in Marvel Comics

In the comics, World War Hulk events happened after the Planet Hulk arc. In this arc, the members of the Illuminati decide that Hulk is a threat to the planet. This included superheroes like Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange. They exile the Green superhero to space where he cannot harm himself or others.

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Can the arc be adapted now
Can the arc be adapted now?

This is how he reaches Sakaar and becomes a gladiator there. As he is unable to transform back to Bruce Banner. After succeeding greatly as a Gladiator, he is made the King of Sakaar. But then the ship he was sent in by the Earth’s heroes explodes and it kills his wife. This made him resentful of the superheroes who sent him there and goes back to Earth to seek revenge.

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How Thor: Ragnarok butchered the Arc

Both Sakaar and Gladiator Hulk have appeared in MCU, all thanks to Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok. If they did have to adapt the arc that made Hulk a villain, it could have been after the movie. Though the events that lead to Hulk landing on Sakaar weren’t the same as Planet Hulk, there could’ve been a storyline that would have made Hulk hate the Superheroes. At the time Hulk was in complete control and couldn’t turn back into Bruce Banner.

Thor Ragnarok butchered the World War Hulk arc
Thor: Ragnarok butchered the World War Hulk arc

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But now in the movie, Bruce comes back in control after seeing Natasha’s video asking him to turn back the ship. He then travels to Asgard with Thor and Valkyrie and helps them fight Hela. When Thanos attacks the ship carrying the Asgardians for Tesseract, Heimdall sends Hulk to Earth to warn them that Thanos is coming and he turns back into Bruce and seems to have trouble turning into Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War.


The time to adapt World War Hulk in MCU has passed

In Avengers: Endgame, Hulk was shown to have transformed himself into Professor Hulk, where he has the body and strength of Hulk but the mind of Bruce Banner. The best of both worlds. Also with the death of Tony Stark, it seems impossible that he would banish Hulk to space and now they do not really have a reason to do the same. And Hulk no longer has a reason to return to space.

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How wil Professor Hulk turn back to the brute
How will Professor Hulk turn back to the brute?

The only way MCU can set up a storyline to introduce the arc is through the events in She-Hulk. Maybe something in the series leads to Hulk taking control again and starting a war against the Avengers. But as of now, the perfect time to adapt the storyline is far gone and MCU has traveled way ahead of that.

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law comes out on August 17 on Disney+.

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