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Worst Episodes Of Awesome Series That We Didn’t See Coming

5 Worst Episodes Of Awesome Series That We Didn’t See Coming

While your former classmates are busy announcing their weddings, you are declaring your current favourite show. As TV show fanatics, we literally find ourselves discussing the series we are binging on than anything else in the world. Almost every new week, we are recommending a new series to our friends. So it’s kind of a bummer when your friend stumbles upon the one horrible episode of otherwise great series.

game of thrones sansa

Having a team of exceptional writers, creators, and actors, helped these shows to bag awards, critical thumbs-up, and expanding fan base. But mistakes are inevitable even for the perfect geniuses. These episodes are like that one red mark on your impressive report card. Here are the worst episodes of the awesome series that we didn’t see coming.

Stranger Things

stranger things

“Stranger Things” is the latest gem in the sci-fi genre. Its captivating suspense always raises tension in our hearts. A huge number of viewers from across the world binge watch it in a single day. But if you ask any fan about the worst episode, most of them will have the same answer “The Lost Sister”. This episode on Eleven meeting wild versions of people like her was a complete waste of time. You can legit skip it and still not lose out on the main plot.

Game of Thrones

Game of thrones 1

“Game Of Thrones” had prepared us for graphic violence and s*xual encounters since the early seasons. We thought we had hit rock bottom of gory scenes and nothing worse could shake us anymore. That’s until we saw “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”. Everyone already knew the kind of monster Ramsay Bolton was, so the show didn’t need to make us go through Sansa’s sexual violence. No one is against representing reality. But many viewers called it unnecessary to use Sansa’s painful experience to build the show’s dark theme.

Black Mirror

The Waldo Moment

This dark and futuristic series never fails to leave its fans speechless with out-of-the-box plots. It has a wide variety of episodes that deliver jaw-dropping technology, idea, and script. But the least scored one will always be “The Waldo Moment”. “Black Mirror” had placed its benchmark quite high, and this episode about a comedian was nowhere near that mark.

How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother

“How I Met Your Mother” was a feel-good comedy whose company we enjoyed for about nine years. It was relaxing to watch these friends getting around the day to day challenges of life with a tinge of humour and love. Fans stood by Ted for nine seasons to find out who the “mother” was. The mother finally appeared in the last season but it wasn’t worth the long wait. She had a small role in the whole story and eventually died at the end of it. We can’t express how the loyal fans felt on learning that the 9 seasons-long show was on Robin and not on the Mother.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This teenage-horror was a fun journey from the beginning to the end. The bump on their road was “Beer Bad”. It started on a different node and suddenly took a sharp turn in the opposite direction. We assumed that the core theme of this episode was on coming-to-age as Buffy was dumped by a boy after getting physically intimate. She was pouring out her heart with a beer can when the scene quickly shifted to a supernatural quest. It felt like a class on dangers of drinking and most of the Buffy fans recommend skipping it.

The Office

Scotts Tots

It may be easy to enter the pool of sitcoms, but it’s not every director’s game to reach where “The Office” stands. This weirdly hilarious show ended in 2013 but keeps attracting newer fans every day. When someone recommends you to try this awesome show, it’s up to you to decide. But if they ask you not to start with “Scott’s Tots” in Season 6, you must take their advice no matter what. It’s the worst and most cringe-worthy episode in the history of sitcoms. It centers on Michael Scott who has to deal with a group of high school students as he had promised to pay for their colleges 10 years ago.

Mad Men

January Jones

There is no iota of doubt that this hit show could brag a team of brilliant writers. But “Tea Leaves” fell below our expectations for its way of hiding January Jones’ pregnancy. The actress was expecting a baby at that time. This encouraged the creators to use her physical changes for a plot on depression and its resulting weight gain.



When Jerry Seinfeld was approached to continue the classic sitcom for longer, he was adamant about ending it. It indeed ended right on its peak with pride and fan love. The audience had a beautiful relationship with this comedy for about 11 years. No amount of a good story could have made a farewell better. But what we got fell too short. Fans were disappointed to see their favourite characters getting sentenced to one year of prison in the finale.


lost 2
If there is one show that kept the viewers on the edge of their seats, it is “Lost”. The spectacular mystery of the island made it impossible for us to take washroom breaks. So, imagine how many fans must have cursed “Stranger in a Strange Land”. The entire episode focused on a character’s unnecessary tattoo that served nothing to the main plot.


Showrunners find it challenging to serve every fan’s questions and expectations in finales. But the last episode of the sensational mystery, “Dexter”, couldn’t please even a single viewer. After playing with everyone’s curiosity for seasons, the makers suddenly decided to drop Dexter without forming any character arc.

Written by Ipshita Barua