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Worst Gaming Console Flops Ever, Ranked

Worst Gaming Console Flops Ever Ranked

E-gaming has gotten popular to the point that it has been included in many school curriculum and is now also a potential career option for children. The business of gaming consoles is subsequently on the rise as well. Some people don’t just enjoy using these consoles for leisure but are also interested in collecting and preserving rare and expensive models. While many gaming consoles have stolen the markets, some have failed miserably, bringing savagery on its company.

ATARI LYNX opened so strongly as if it would have ruled the market. This confidence also had good reasons. Lynx was the first handheld gaming device to feature full-color graphics (16 bit). However, they did not create an original gaming catalog. There were very few games that introduced nothing new to the players.

The company had big hopes for the device

PHILIPS CD-I was supposedly the most advanced gaming console of its time. It was an all-in-one entertainment device that could play CDs, run movies, and even showcase pictures along with the gaming part. But, unfortunately, even with the unbeatable options it carried, it did not make its way up the market. The primary reason was a price that was touching the sky from the very first day. The company later collaborated with Nintendo; however, wasting the opportunity.

The all-in-one master in the world of e-sports

ATARI JAGUAR was the final shot for Atari corporation to survive in the market. However, there were multiple problems with their product. First, they marketed it using false claims about the power of its CPU. It was promised to be a 64 Bit console, which was later found to be 32 bit. Most of its 3D games could not run smoothly on this CPU.

The false news was only their first hurdle

NINTENDO VIRTUAL BOY was a tacky-looking device that was a VR-Gaming console. Unfortunately, the creators did not analyze the unpopularity of VR gaming at the time. On top of that, it had wire ports that often led the players to bend towards the tripod. Lastly, their graphics were also unflattering and gave people a headache.

The functions were good, but not good enough

APPLE BANDAI PIPPIN became one of the biggest gaming flops of all time. The worst aspect of the device was that it didn’t store its own operating system but instead relied on individual gaming CDs.

Even apple probably regrets this product

SEGA DREAMCAST was one of the biggest hits of its time. They were popular on a global level, and their sales were unmatched. However, the console couldn’t beat its brand new competitor (Sony’s PlayStation 2).

Their rival company won the big clash

TIGER TELEMATICS GIZMONDO came into the market with lots of promises. The device could play games, music, track GPS locations, take pictures, and whatnot. But in functionality, the console did not perform any of those functions correctly. Aside from that, the company went bank corrupt, which was the end for Gizmondo.

Can’t make claims and then not perform

SONY PLAYSTATION VITA had an exciting concept. They aimed to provide a console-like experience on a handheld device. Unfortunately, even though they did manage to introduce some impressive features with full functionality, their timing was not at par with the market. By the time Vita was released, smartphones were flooded in the market and in everyone’s pockets.

Couldn’t stand in front of smartphones


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