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“Would definitely support it”: Mark Wahlberg “Was Always Sad” to See the Show That Made His $400M Career End, Hints Revival of Hit Series

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Hollywood veteran Mark Wahlberg started his journey as an executive producer with the hit HBO series Entourage. The show which ran between 2004-2011 was not only one of the most popular sitcoms of that era, but it was in fact loosely based on Wahlberg’s vividly rich journey to fame.

Mark Wahlberg, American actor
Mark Wahlberg, American actor

After the ending of the series, the franchise reached its conclusion in the 2015 movie of the same name. And Mark Wahlberg obviously came back to co-produce it. However, there have been rumors floating around for quite a while that the show’s creator Doug Ellin is looking to reboot the show once again.

And although Ellin did confirm that he would like that very much back in 2021, it is only now, in April of this year that Doug Ellin confirmed a new show with the original cast is in the works.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Entourage is all set for a reboot

Doug Ellin first teased a possible reboot of the show with the original cast intact way back in 2021. Ellin told TMZ in an interview at that time, “Adrian Grenier said he’s in, big news … I got all of them. So, yeah, I wouldn’t do it without the five.”

However, due to the hectic schedules of the cast members and Mark Wahlberg, the dates kept getting pushed back even with the cast commenting repeatedly over the last couple of years about how excited they are for a potential reunion.

Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights
Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights

Kevin Dillon, who played Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase in the show noted, “I would love to do it, and I’m pretty sure everyone in the cast would love to do it and I’d push it all the time.” Jeremy Piven, who played the obnoxious agent Ari Gold, too, commented last month,


“It would be fun to investigate where all these people would be today. There’s been so much that has happened since then that it’d be a very fertile ground to explore.”

Mark Wahlberg with the cast at Entourage premiere
Mark Wahlberg with the cast at the Entourage premiere

As a result, the only things supposedly holding back the reboot right now seem to be Mark Wahlberg and Adrian Grenier who played the show’s main character Vincent Chase’s schedules. Grenier, though, did note that he is pretty open to the idea of a reboot if a satisfying deal accompanies it. He elaborated,

“First, I’ll look at the deal. What is it? What are we doing? I’m pretty open to anything. I’m pretty focused right now, but if there’s an opportunity to reboot ‘Entourage,’ I’d certainly take a look.”

So now, it seems, “Mark Wahlberg just needs to call HBO and make it happen, and all will be good,” as Doug Ellin put it.

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Mark Wahlberg’s complete support for the Entourage reboot

Although the Father Stu star does not think that there might be a lot of exciting things left to explore in the characters’ lives Mark Wahlberg pledged complete support if the show ever gets revived. He noted, “I don’t know if that’s going to happen but I would definitely support it,” to Page Six at the grand opening of the new restaurant of Tao group called Cathédrale in Las Vegas.

Mark Wahlberg in Father Stu
Mark Wahlberg in Father Stu

Wahlberg commented, “I was always sad to see the show end,” as it was more like a “cultural phenomenon” to him. Although Mark Wahlberg claimed he isn’t aware whether a serious conversation about a reboot had been held yet, he loved the idea of that. He also noted that he thinks, “They did an amazing job.”

Interestingly, this might partly be because of Mark Wahlberg himself, as he brought the entire main cast to Las Vegas itself before the filming began. He explained, “Before we shot the pilot, I brought all the guys to Vegas… It was a bit of a chemistry thing, getting ready to come and cut loose.” It is also a little ironic as he noted, “It seems like it was just yesterday, and now I live here.”

Mark Wahlberg's real Entourage
Mark Wahlberg’s real entourage

However, he doesn’t exactly think that a revamping of the show would be such a good idea, because, “It would look like an older group of guys probably doing things more like me, going to church and you know hopefully having families and getting up early and working out.” 

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This might take out the excitement from the show, according to him as it would no longer be about a few guys nightclub hopping and “running all around Vegas.” However, fans of the iconic show seem extremely pleased at the thought of a possible reboot, so hopefully if things go well then they likely would be able to witness its comeback pretty soon. 


Source: Page Six

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