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‘Would pay so much money to see this’: Marvel Fans Demand a Shocker Heist Movie With Spider-Man as Villain

'Would pay so much money to see this': Marvel Fans Demand a Shocker Heist Movie With Spider-Man as Villain

Sony has been struggling to build their cinematic universe revolving around Spider-Man foes and hasn’t quite succeeded in the process yet. Following their releases, involving two mediocre Venom flicks and Morbius, which was blasted by the Internet, Sony hasn’t made a lot of progress on their quest of building their universe.

Although the Studios are still set to release more projects revolving around the Web-head’s characters. But it seems that the Marvel fans have a much better idea for Sony’s cinematic universe that can not only separate them from MCU’s version of the character but holds the ability to be a huge success.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home
Spider-Man: No Way Home

Fans believe a heist movie with Spider-Man as the antagonist can do wonders for Sony

Following Sony’s upcoming slate for their cinematic universe, including some well-known Spider-Man villains and some obscure ones, fans aren’t fully sold on Sony’s vision for their universe. However, it seems that some Marvel fans have a more intriguing idea for the future of Sony and how they could succeed in crafting their Villain-centric universe.

Fans have brought up the idea of a heist movie involving the Web-Slinger and Shocker, who is one of Spidey’s more underrated villains. But despite showing the movie from Peter Parker’s perspective, they should follow Shocker aka Herman Schultz as the protagonist, who is trying to complete his heist and make Spider-Man the antagonistic force.

Even though a movie with the Web-slinger as the antagonist seems pretty outlandish, if the concept is done right, it can bring something new to the table for Superhero fans to enjoy.

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Marvel's Shocker
Marvel’s Shocker

Though the idea of showcasing a movie from the villain’s perspective isn’t something new, however, making the villain the protagonist and the hero, who is generally the central figure of his stories, the antagonist, can be a welcome change of pace in the realm of Comic book movies.

The idea of making Shocker the protagonist can work too, as the character who was played by Bokeem Woodbine in Spider-Man: Homecoming, can be a compelling character if done right. And considering that heist movies are generally known for being big money makers if done correctly and adding it with Spider-Man, who is Marvel’s biggest cash cow, can surely result in huge success.

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Even though the idea of the web-slinger being an antagonist in a movie seems pretty far-fetched at the present. But considering that Sony hasn’t been afraid to make several bold decisions and has crafted some genre-defining movies, including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, there might still be hope for this idea.

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