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‘Writers literally forgetting Barry Sloane exists’: Call of Duty Fans Denounce Alleged Henry Cavill as Captain Price Casting for $31B Videogame Movie Adaptation, Want Amazon to Cast Original Actor

'Writers literally forgetting Barry Sloane exists': Call of Duty Fans Denounce Alleged Henry Cavill as Captain Price Casting for $31B Videogame Movie Adaptation, Want Amazon to Cast Original Actor

Henry Cavill is famous for his passion for games, and one of its biggest indications was his playing the lead role in The Witcher. Even though Season three will be the last time we will see him as the stoic and brave Geralt of Rivia, fans continue to cast him in all rumored game adaptations. It is already confirmed that the actor will serve as executive producer and possibly star in Warhammer 40K adaptation, produced by Amazon.

After Warhammer 40K, the Superman star’s name is associated with another famous game adaptation, Call of Duty (COD). Fans however denounced the casting as they rally for the Original actor to play Captain Price.

Henry Cavill is cast as Captain Price in Call of Duty 

Henry Cavill rumored to be cast as Captain Price

There have been recent rumblings about bringing COD onto the big screen. Long ago, there was an attempt to translate the game into a movie for the silver screen. In 2015, at the peak of popularity for COD, a press release stated that there were plans for “a robust cinematic universe involving a series of…feature films as well as the possibility of television adaptations.”

MW CaptainPrice Tout

If handled properly, the adaptation may be a hit and perhaps ride the trend of game adaptations, especially with The Last of Us making waves in the OTT space. The first two movies were said to have writers and filmmakers on board, including Joe Robert Cole from Black Panther and Stefano Sollima from Sicario 2.

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Unfortunately, nothing came of this iteration. Even still, rumors continue to circulate, with this one claiming that veteran actor Dwayne Johnson will appear in a Call of Duty movie. Now GFR reports that Amazon Studios will produce a film adapted from COD and Cavill will be cast as Captain Price, who has been recurring in the games.

Fans diss writers for leaving out Barry Sloane to play Captain Price

Modern Warfare 2 Price
Captain Price

Captain John Price, a member of the British Special Air Service, is the primary commanding officer of Call of Duty 4. (SAS). Billy Murray, who provided the mobster Johnny Allen’s voice in the British soap series EastEnders, voices Price.

When the game goes back to 1996, a decade after the Chornobyl tragedy in Ukraine, which left the city of Pripyat in ruins, Price is playable in two missions. The only characters that appear in all three games are Soap MacTavish, Captain Price, and Nikolai. Soap meets Captain Price in the first mission where you take part in game control.

history six season 2 cast
Barry Sloane

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Fans feel that Barry Sloane is unfairly being passed over by writers when he should be the one at the top of their list. Especially because he has been providing voice and motion capture for the character for the past two games. Sloane is the first choice instead of Murray because he is old and not fit to play Price, who is fit, young, and energetic.

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After being dropped from Netflix and DCU, Cavill might be in search of associating himself with a strong franchise to secure his future. In that case, Call of Duty should fit the bill. Henry Cavill would be willing to reprise the role for other Call of Duty sequels if it is assumed that the movie will at least partially follow the story of one of the games. Captain John Price has made several appearances throughout the franchise, notably in the World War II-themed games and the Modern Warfare games.
Source: GFR

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