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“WTF..this is the world we live in”: Joe Rogan Believes Dwayne Johnson Dodged a Bullet by Not Running For President, Agrees Celebrities Are Bunch of Crazy People

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Dwayne Johnson mentioned earlier that he would run for president if he felt he had enough support from the citizens of America. Like many others, podcaster Joe Rogan also supported the actor with his decision to run for president. But he was also concerned about how Dwayne Johnson’s image would change if he won the election. He claimed that if the former WWE star successfully becomes the president, people would start calling him names. 

Dwayne Johnson business
Dwayne Johnson

Joe Rogan believed that it would be the same for him as it is for anyone else who becomes the president. All these things might have been a good reason for Dwayne Johnson not to run for president. But the actor has revealed the real reason why he would not be running for president. 

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Dwayne Johnson Says Running for President is Off The Table

In his recent interview with CBS News Sunday Morning Show, the Red Notice star said that he would not be running for president. Dwayne Johnson said he would like to spend more time with his children, and being the president will make it even harder than it already is. 

I know what it’s like to not be there all the time as a father because of an unrelenting work schedule,” the actor wrote in the caption of the video he shared on his Instagram. “I won’t let that happen ever again,” he said.

Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
Dwayne Johnson

The Jumanji star explains how he was unable to spend more time with his first daughter when she was a child, as he was always busy with work. Now that he has the opportunity to have that time with his younger daughters, he would not miss that.

Johnson said he loves his country and has also been approached by many people with the prospect, but he has experienced the strain a busy life can have on the family, and he does not want the same again. 

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Joe Rogan Believes Running for President is Becoming a Popularity Contest

Joe Rogan has always been vocal about his opinion. He supported Dwayne Johnson after the news broke out that he may run for President. But he was also vocal about the adverse effects it would have on his image. Just like any other political leader, Johnson would also become the target of many, and they would start calling him names, which may end up ruining his reputation. 

Joe Rogan holding a cigar in his podcast show.
Joe Rogan

Not just Dwayne Johnson, but Joe Rogan mentioned several celebrities while talking about how people look up to the most successful person, and they follow whatever that person says. He claimed that the same is happening with celebrities. However, they are not as they appear to be on screen.  

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He said, “There’s music playing when they talk, their lines are carefully constructed by a team of writers, and we get sucked in like he’s a real hero. And we do that for anybody who gets attention.”  

The host of The Joe Rogan Experience also claimed that running for president is slowly becoming a popularity contest. Rogan mentions that these people know how to manipulate their popularity into something that benefits them. 

Joe Rogan calls Amber Heard 'crazy lady'

Joe Rogan, the former television presenter also said that this is why people are more focused on the word of celebrities over the word of professors, public intellectuals, or the people who actually have the information. 

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is available on Spotify. Clips related to the podcast are also available on Joe Rogan’s official YouTube channel, PowerfulJRE.

As for Dwayne Johnson, the actor is doing really good for himself. His next movie Black Adam is set to have a theatrical release this month. Other than Black Adam, he will also star in Red One and The King. The Fast and Furious star is also the co-founder of his own production house, Seven Bucks Productions, which is working on the sequel of the 2021 film, Red Notice and Jumanji.

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