WWE Legend Warns John Cena to Not Forget Wrestling Roots After $80M Hollywood Success: “Don’t ever forget where you come from”

WWE Legend Warns John Cena to Not Forget Wrestling Roots After $80M Hollywood Success: "Don't ever forget where you come from"

Given how quickly he rose to prominence in Hollywood, John Cena’s return to being a full-time WWE star seems improbable. Since he carried WWE on his back for a good amount of time, the 46-year-old actor has worked hard to establish himself as one of the biggest names in professional wrestling. He currently works part-time with WWE, while maintaining his full schedule in Hollywood. 

No matter the type of role he is given, John Cena has always made sure to give it his all, and his recent Hollywood accolades speak for him. This includes his appearances in the Fast & Furious movies as well as in projects like The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker.

In the recent WrestleMania 39, Cena admitted he didn’t think Austin Theory was real before brutally comparing the young wrestler to Roman Reigns.

Cena went head-to-head with Theory on WrestleMania 39
John Cena went head-to-head with Austin Theory on WrestleMania 39

And now, a WWE legend has added his opinion on this. He is unsure if Cena has become a little egotistical, as a result of his recent comments regarding the Austin Theory.

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Teddy Long’s Healthy Warning To John Cena

It should go without saying that John Cena is the best of the best! He has had a fantastic career with WWE and continues to be one of the biggest stars. However, due to his hectic Hollywood schedule, the actor has been absent from the world of wrestling for a significant amount of time. 

But, the 46-year-old American professional wrestler, actor, and former rapper has some healthy warnings from the WWE Hall of Famer. Yes, we are referring to Teddy Long.

In a recent interview, WWE legend, Teddy Long discussed that he had privately advised the current United States Champion that his persona wasn’t convincing enough for the public.

Teddy Long
Teddy Long

The WWE Hall of Famer even defended Austin Theory and addressed John Cena’s remarks about Theory while speaking on The Wrestling Time Machine. He then issued a warning to The Suicide Squad actor, telling him not to let his Hollywood success get to his head.

“Like I said, man, you know how this business goes. Cena has moved on now to become a big star (in Hollywood). So, you know, that sometimes can go to your head. You know, you just have to calm down, and my thing has always been, ‘Don’t ever forget where you come from.’”

Well, it will be interesting to ‌see if he will heed Long’s advice.

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Can John Cena Still Regularly Contribute To WWE?

John Cena was a regular presence on WWE TV up until 2018 when he was still establishing himself in the entertainment industry. With time, the 46-year-old rose quickly through the ranks and landed a number of high-profile roles, including a significant role in the Fast and Furious series.

The actor spoke with several media outlets while promoting Fast X. So when he appeared on Busted Open Radio, he was asked about his plans to continue wrestling. The superstar, who most recently competed against Austin Theory and lost at WrestleMania 39, admitted that his body could no longer support him as a WWE performer.

John Cena
John Cena

The 16-time World Champion said that he was more concerned with advancing his Hollywood career than giving “consumers a bad product.” 

His latest film was the tenth Fast and Furious installment. Also, note that the actor will reportedly appear in Margot Robbie’s Barbie later this year.

Fast X, an American action film directed by Louis Leterrier, made its cinematic debut on May 19, 2023, and is running in theatres near you.

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Source- The Wrestling Time Machine

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