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Wyatt Russell Was Almost Captain America Before Chris Evans

Wyatt Russell Was Almost Captain America Before Chris Evans

Seems as though the phrase that “everyone deserves a second chance” comes true more often than not. Of course, we do mean the actor playing the role of Captain America, Wyatt Russell, in the mini-series The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. Wyatt had auditioned for the same role 10 years ago before Chris Evans got cast. The actor had no idea that the opportunity for joining the MCU would return years later, much less for the same role. By the same role, we do mean the actor taking on the mantle of Captain America or as fans would know better to associate him better as U.S.Agent from the comics.

On the new Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Russell appeared as a character referred to as “the new Captain America.” Not to be confused by the Steve Rogers we have come to know and love, but as a man selected by the government to uphold Steve’s legacy.


A surprise to be sure but a welcome one:

Playing Captain America in the MCU is a full-circle moment for Wyatt Russell, as regaled by the actor on Good Morning America. The actor also mentioned the fact that when Marvel approached him, he had no idea for what role is he being cast for. As we can guess, it came as a shock, even to him, that he would be playing the same role with a slightly different take on the man behind the shield.

“It’s a fun story and I think that honestly, the first audition was really more just something to read, to see if I was any good at acting or not. I don’t think I was ever actually in competition for the role. But it was crazy, and this time, I had no idea even what it was. It was just like, ‘Marvel wants you to read for something. Go for it.’ And then I found out after I got the part what it was. I didn’t even know what it was going in.” said the actor when stated about how his career went in a full circle.

When it came to filling the role:

Wyatt stated that “people are going to hate it, and some people are going to love it.” in another recent interview with USA Today as he understands his position in the MCU. As the new Captain America, all of the fans have their eyes glaring at the person who takes the role from under the rug in the mini-series. This was to be expected from the very moment his character set foot on the screen. Even the Avengers in the show, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes cannot shake the feeling that the man who made the title cannot be replaced this easily.


The experience of being in Captain Americas shoes:

In the interview, Russell also expressed how it felt to finally put on the Captain America suit ten years after reading for the character in his first audition.

“Hot. Very difficult. Painful… My shoulders kinda got screwed up and things started to hurt just because of the position that the suit would put you in all day,” Russell stated.

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Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.