X-Men: 5 Mutants Whose Powers Have Changed Over The Years


As mutant powers develop, anybody with an X-Gene in the Marvel Universe will experience substantial changes. It usually happens at a certain moment in their lives, such as around puberty or after a terrible occurrence. However, some mutant powers have been known to evolve significantly. Here’s a list of 5 mutants whose powers have changed over the years:

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1. Iceman

One of the original mutants: Iceman
One of the founding members of the X-Men: Iceman.

Robert Drake began his life as a pleasant snowman whose mutant powers were confined to throwing snowballs at the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Today, Iceman has experienced a secondary mutation as well as discovered his Omega Mutant potential. Drake’s ability to freeze objects hasn’t changed, but he can now do so down to the molecular scale. He has complete mastery over all moisture, not just ice and cold. The secondary mutation has also turned his entire body into biological ice, making him almost indestructible.


2. Magneto

One of the most powerful mutants: Magneto
Ranked by IGN as the Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time: Magneto

Magneto is the expert of magnetism, as his name suggests. The mutant has complete control over magnetic fields, allowing him to manipulate metal. Today, Magneto‘s self-titled magnetokinesis can now be used over the whole electromagnetic spectrum, opening him up to a slew of fascinating new possibilities. Magneto’s constant link to the Earth’s magnetic fields allows him to resist gravity, absorb radiation, and have a global viewpoint. Coolest of all, he has the ability to manipulate light, bending it to his will in order to make himself or others invisible.

3. Elixir

Omega-level mutant: Elixir
Omega-level mutant: Elixir

Elixir is one of the few mutants whose talents have evolved supremely through time. He had to first employ his healing abilities on himself, which rendered his skin golden. Foley later discovered that his Omega-level biokinesis could be used offensively, earning him the nickname “Death Touch.” When he uses it on an unfortunate opponent, his skin turns a deep metallic black for a brief period of time. Last but not least, Elixir learned that he had the ability to resuscitate the dead, including himself. As a result, he is virtually un-killable.


4. Jubilee

One of the mutants with highly evolved mutant powers: Jubilee
Referred to as Wolverine’s unofficial sidekick: Jubilee.

Jubilation Lee, long regarded to be one of the X-Men‘s lesser members, possessed two prominent superpowers: the ability to discharge fireworks from her hands and the ability to devour chili dogs. Her skills might be utilized to confuse and distract enemies, but that was about it. Jubilee improved her command over “lumikinetic explosive light blasting” over time, to the point where now she can do a lot more than just make fireworks. She’s capable of causing actual explosions, up to and including subatomic ones, when she’s at her most powerful.

5. Sunspot

With mutant powers that give him the strength to rival Hulk: Sunspot.
With mutant powers that give him the strength to rival Hulk: Sunspot.

Sunspot is a mutant that can absorb solar radiation and re-channel it into a variety of helpful abilities, including super-strength, flight, and the generation of strong light and heat waves. Sunspot’s powers began to accelerate to unmanageable levels after he was exposed to the virus known as M-Pox. This eventually led to strength levels that were reported to match those of the Hulk. Sunspot’s team of scientists however warned him that unleashing his talents to their full potential would be deadly, which is exactly what transpired. Da Costa was resurrected, thankfully, in the island nation of Krakoa.


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