X-Men ’97: Most MCU Fans Missed One Detail Added in Wolverine’s Most Brutal Scene That Takes it a Step Ahead of the Comics

The scene also opens doors to understand what to expect about the character in the future.

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  • X-Men '97 presents a new approach of Marvel to stick to the original story.
  • A key scene in episode 9 shows Wolverine's painful loss of adamantium, creatively adapted from the comics to maximize impact.
  • Wolverine's future is expected to follow the narrative of the comics.
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This article contains SPOILERS for X-Men '97!

A small detail that makes a big difference. When it comes to the MCU, nothing happens by accident and nothing should go unnoticed. Also, it’s already very clear that the studio’s production strategies are different.


The cinematic universe used to follow the narrative of the comics, that’s a fact. However, it’s been a while since the MCU decided to invest in elements that could take the stories in other directions than those in the pages. X-Men ’97 came to show a new approach from the studio, and something subtle indicated much more about a specific scene.

The Missed Detail in the X-Men ’97 Scene

The MCU has been facing a lot of problems in terms of ratings, but for loyal fans, X-Men ’97 is here to change that. Since its premiere, the series has been a success, growing more and more over time, most because of it’s trying to stick to the original story. That’s the great thing about the animation, however, one particular and very big scene that had an impact, had details overlooked or ignored by fans.


In the final scenes of episode 9, Wolverine goes through the worst possible pain when he confronts Magneto. After the hero stabs him in order to ensure that the X-Men can defeat Bastion on their own, Magneto decides to extract all the adamantium from Wolverine’s skeleton.

The scene is one of the most remarkable in the character’s history, as well as a love letter to loyal Marvel and X-Men fans. But what about the great unnoticed detail?

The image of the scene was composed in such a way as to show the full consequences of what was happening to Wolverine, and it was commented on in The Official Marvel Podcast. The series’ producer, Jake Castorena, said “making that vertical composition work for a horizontal composition without changing too many things was fun.”


One of my favorite visuals is… this is sad, but it’s gotta be Magneto pulling the adamantium off of Wolverine. It’s a rough one, but never in a million years did I think I would see that visual.

Magneto Rips the Adamantium out of Wolverine | X-Men 97 Clip

In the comics, precisely because of the format on the pages, it’s not possible to have a wide view of the character completely from head to toe, so the big question was how to make the scene work better in the series, and still remaining faithful to the comics as well? Seeing his entire body as the metal is ripped out makes it even more intense. They definitely pulled it off.

What Will Happen To Wolverine In X-Men ’97?

Wolverine is the hero who does the dirty work for the greater good, but he learns what happens when it involves Magneto. In the comics, the immediate impact of this act is that Xavier attacks Magneto psychically, erasing his mind. However, for the hero, the damage has already been done. Losing his adamantium marks the beginning of a long journey.

Wolverine’s healing factor is temporarily interrupted by the trauma of Magneto’s attack. During this period, following amnesia, he finds out that he has bone claws, raising questions about his past and his true mutant nature. This leads him to temporarily distance himself from the X-Men.


Over time, Wolverine’s healing factor returns without him having to deal with the toxic metal that was polluting his bloodstream. This process causes his body to mutate, transforming him into a more savage and bestial version of himself. Fortunately, the character eventually regains his humanity and his adamantium, but is kidnapped by Apocalypse and brainwashed into becoming his new knight.

At some point, Wolverine finally frees himself from Apocalypse’s control and returns to the X-Men, complete once again.

If the animated series continues to follow the comics — and it looks like it will — then this is the story we can expect for the character. Also, after the fight with Magneto in Fatal Attractions, Wolverine leaves the X-Men to go on a journey of self-discovery, crossing paths with characters like Deadpool. Considering the release of the Deadpool & Wolverine movie, it looks like the MCU is lining everything up perfectly.


X-Men ’97 is available to be watched on Disney+.


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