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X-Men As Avengers: 12 X-Men & The Avenger They Could Perfectly Replace In MCU

Should there ever come a time when the X-Men need to replace the Avengers, these are the mutant heroes of our choice.

Captain America – Cyclops

Xmen Cyclops Shooting Eye Laser

Steve Rogers is not just a super soldier. He is also the greatest leader the Avengers have ever seen. Cyclops, just like Captain America, is well-renowned for his leadership abilities. He is also a very good close quarter combatant. Let’s not forget his optic blasts, which give him a unique edge in the battlefield like Cap’s Vibranium shield.

Iron Man – Forge

X Men Forge Featured Image

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If there was any mutant who was genius enough to give Tony Stark a run for his money, it would be Forge of the X-Men. Forge’s mutant ability gives him unsurpassed knowledge in engineering and operating mechanical devices. He also has a long history of working as a government weapons contractor.

Black Widow – Mystique

The super spy is known to get inside her enemies’ skin, retrieving information from people who are deemed impossible to talk to. She is also great in espionage and close quarter combat. Mystique has dedicated her whole life to become an expert in those fields. Her shape-shifting abilities make things even easier for her.


Hulk – Gentle

Nezhno Abidemi possesses the power to increase his muscle mass to become strong enough to lift more than a 100 tons. To ensure he doesn’t overexert his body, there are vibranium tattoos all over him to restrict him from increasing his muscle mass over the limit. Abidemi is also a firm believer in pacifism. Those are very similar traits and abilities compared to the Hulk/Bruce Banner.

Thor – Storm

Both are capable of manipulating the weather. Both can generate lightning and are revered as Gods by their people. Storm’s Omega level mutant status does give her enough juice to become MCU’s Thor replacement if need be.

Hawkeye – Longshot

longshot uncanny x men.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1

Hawkeye trained for years to hone his skills in marksmanship. Longshot is a genetically engineered mutant ally of the X-Men. His powers give him the ability to change probability itself. Longshot can literally give himself enough good luck that he will never ever miss. He uses a bandolier of cleaved knives instead of a bow and arrow though.

Falcon – Angel

comics marvel 00364983

There could not have been a better choice for Sam Wilson‘s replacement than Warren Worthington III. Heir to a fortune, Warren developed his mutant powers and became a part of the X-Men. His avian features give him an edge in the battlefield. Apart from flight, he also has heightened durability and endurance as well as superior physical attributes. He also possesses a superhuman regenerative healing factor.

Doctor Strange – Magik



Illyana Rasputin was kidnapped as a child by the Demon Belasco. She learnt magic in the Limbo dimension, dispatched her captor, and became the ruler of the dimension. Illyana possesses enough magical prowess to become the new sorcerer Supreme if need be. Her Soul-sword is crafted out of her own soul and is powerful enough to kill any supernatural entity.

Winter Soldier – Wolverine

marvel comics x men fire wolverine wallpaper preview

Wolverine and the winter Soldier are both men of war and violence. Both have seen the dark underbelly of the world, lived and breathed in it. Both have been experimented upon to gain artificial bodily enhancements. Wolverine would make for a good winter Soldier replacement.

War Machine – Armor

armor skeelton ast 31

War Machine packs a tremendous amount of firepower in that overloaded armor suit. Hisako ichiki is a mutant hero known as Armor. Her ability grants her a psionic armor around her body that packs a heavy punch. It can punch through several walls of concrete and even increase in size of necessary. With a little bit of tweaking, Armor could very well end up becoming a better heavy hitter for the Avengers than Rhodey ever was.

Spider-Man – Nightcrawler


Like Spider-Man, Nightcrawler too is incredibly agile and can crawl on surfaces. Spider-Man has his web shooters to swing around while Nightcraler uses a more efficient technique to move – teleportation. He is also a very capable fighter way too quick on his feet like Peter Parker. Spider-Man has his Spidey-Sense. Nightcrawler too possesses a special ‘spatial awareness’ sense that acts more or less like a sixth sense.

Captain Marvel – Havok

Havok banner 1 e1542987814878

Havok is Cyclops‘ brother. He has the ability of cosmic energy manipulation. His body constantly absorbs cosmic energy and he uses to for flight as well as concussive energy blasts. Captain Marvel and Havok seem like two sides of the same coin – energy powerhouses.


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