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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Test Screening Reactions Are Negative

The upcoming installment to the X-Men film series from 20th Century Fox has tested poorly with audiences after the latest round of test screenings.

DisInsider’s Skyler Shuler reported that audience members were less than satisfied with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which is scheduled to release this year. Sources close to Shuler have stated that the film’s quality is akin to director Josh Trank’s ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot.

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This would not be the first time that reports have surfaced surrounding the superhero blockbuster’s poor performance during test screenings and it is uncertain what course of action 20th Century Fox will take to fix the project. It is possible that the final product will fare much better following post-production, but how much of a difference that may make on the project remains to be seen.

Dark Phoenix‘s production has been mired in controversy after its release was delayed a second time following “costly and extensive” reshoots that reportedly increased the film’s production budget to a whopping $200 million. This number has never been confirmed, but if it is true then Fox executives are definitely going to have to pray that the film has legs at the box office when it premieres.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set to premiere on June 7th, 2019.

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