X-Men Get Their Own Shawarma Scene After The Avengers, But In A Different Way

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men #3, Read At Your Own Risk!

Just like The Avengers, the X-men have also got their shawarma eating scene, but in a much more different way. It all started with Iron Man in The Avengers (2012) joking about how the entire team should try out this new place after the Battle of New York ends. At first, it seemed like a typical one-liner from Tony. However, the ending of the movie showed us the Avengers, quietly enjoying shawarma after the chaos ended. This, in turn, proved to the fans that they are not individual heroes anymore, but a team. Now, Marvel Comics has done something similar with the X-Men, but in a really different manner. Check it out!

X-Men Making Moves In Marvel Comics

The Avengers have shawarma in The Avengers (2012)
The Avengers have shawarma in The Avengers (2012)

For the Avengers, the shawarma eating scene was crucial as they were never a family before this. If it wasn’t for Agent Coulson and the Chitauri army, all the heroes would have never landed on the same page. But this is something that the X-Men has never faced. Throughout the years, and ever since the beginning, we have seen that the X-Men is a team of superheroes coming together for the greater cause. So, they’re already bonded. However, their real enemy is the fear in humanity that resides and grows.

X-Men, The Avengers, Marvel
X-Men, The Avengers, Marvel

Recently, the mutants are making some big waves in the comics. They have established the mutant nation of Krakoa on Earth. They have terraformed Mars, populated it with mutant, and declared it the capital planet of the solar system. Now, this decision has made Storm Marvel’s most important hero, as the new ‘Voice of Sal’.

Like The Avengers, X-Men Get Their Bonding Scene

X-Men have food with the humans
X-Men having food with humans

Recent X-Men comics from Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz have recreated the scene but with a very different message. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Rogue, Synch, Polaris, and Sunfire have been elected by the citizens of Krakoa. However, they leave the nation for a treehouse located in New York. The X-Men continue to prove that even though they’re stronger and more important than before, they still serve to protect Earth and save humanity.

X-Men does something similar to the Avengers
X-Men does something similar to the Avengers

The comics deliver this message by making the mutants share a meal with the fellow humans they’ve just saved every now and then. In Kansas and Da Nang, the X-Men has defended the earth from extinction-level threats, and have been offered a friendly meal by the citizens. Jean Grey understands this more than anyone else. In X-Men #2, Sunfire refuses to share a meal but Grey interrupts and explains him telepathically. Her explanation is based on the fact that if the mutants share a gala time with the humans, it will eradicate the imminent fear that humanity has when it comes to mutants.

Similarly, Cyclops too believes that this is the start of something good and will form a new connection between the mutants and humanity. Even though the X-Men does not need a bonding shawarma scene like the Avengers, their problems and their bonding scene have been duly explained on a totally different level.

Written by Deepak Vasisht