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‘He Could Be a Badass Cyclops’: Henry Cavill Reportedly Being Eyed to Play Prominent X-Men Superhero, Fans Figure Out Which Mutant Hero He Could Play

Although we know nothing about Henry Cavill’s return to DCEU as the Blue suited Kryptonian yet, constant rumors are floating around the internet about his inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there is no official update from either the Studio or The Witcher actor yet, there were several rumors have it that he will play Mister Fantastic or Captain Britain. Now it is rumored that he will play the role of one of the X-Men in a Mutants movie. Soon after the rumor was spread, the fans started to scratch their head over which character he should play.

Henry Cavill rumored to appear in MCU
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill to play a mutant in MCU?

All these series of rumors started when a website named Giant Freakin Robot claimed that Henry Cavill is in talks with MCU. Since then there has been a mountain of rumors and fan casting. It is recently reported that Henry Cavill can play a potential X-Men character in MCU. According to sources, he is in talks with the Kevin Feige Cartel to play the role of a mutant in MCU. Even though earlier, we got strong reports that he was being approached to play the Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic of the main MCU timeline but now it seems, we have to wait till any official confirmation.

Henry Cavill looks similar to Mr. Fantastic.
Although rumored to play a mutant, Henry Cavill looks similar to Mr. Fantastic

While the Mister Fantastic rumors dominated the internet, there were also reports that he may helm the role of Captain Britain. Some even said that he would look good as the Hyperion from Marvel Comics who is heavily inspired by DC’s Superman. Now as the Mutant rumors emerged, the internet is divided as the fans debate over which role would look better, a mutant or Mister Fantastic.

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Fans try to guess the Henry Cavill casting

Would Henry Cavill be a good Sentry?
Some people even argue that Henry Cavill can be a good Sentry

As the news of The Mutants casting came out, Twitter filled up with fans trying to guess which character would look perfect with Henry Cavill. While some claim that he can be a better Cyclops, some say that he deserves much more than that. We have collected a handful of tweets here to show the reactions garnered by the reports:

While it is still unsure if Henry Cavill is really keen on entering MCU or not but it is sure that if any of these rumors turn out to be true, then it will be a banger of a casting and can be a major reason for their success in the future.

Source: Moth Culture

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