X-Men Theory Finally Busts an Age Old Hugh Jackman Wolverine Myth, Proves Deadpool 3 Will Give us His Strongest Form

New Reddit theory proves why Hugh Jackman looks jacked up with each passing X-Men movie.

X-Men Theory Finally Busts an Age Old Hugh Jackman Wolverine Myth, Proves Deadpool 3 Will Give us His Strongest Form


  • Hugh Jackman's Wolverine looked comparatively less bulky in the initial X-Men movies.
  • New Reddit theory states that when Wolverine takes damage and uses his healing factor, it rebuilds him bigger and stronger.
  • This means that Wolverine is expected to be at his peak in the upcoming R-rated MCU drama Deadpool 3.
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Hugh Jackman’s casting as Wolverine stands as one of the best superhero castings to date. Like Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill as Superman or Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Jackman aced the role of Logan in the X-Men franchise. However, there was always confusion about how Wolverine looks more jacked up with each X-Men film.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

A recent Reddit theory proves that the answer to this confusion lies in the superpowers of Logan. One of the primary superpowers of Wolverine is his healing factor. According to this latest theory, this healing factor might be a possible reason for this phenomenon. Even though there is a real-life explanation, this theory sounds quite relevant if we try to think of it in a more Marvel way.

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Why did Hugh Jackman look more jacked with each X-Men movie?


If the first X-Men and the other initial movies in the 20th Century Fox’s Marvel universe are observed, it can be seen that Hugh Jackman looked comparatively less jacked up. It was due to the less preparation time given to the Australian star. Precisely, Jackman was not the first choice for the role. Dougray Scott was roped in for the role but backed out at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts.

However, the movies never addressed this matter. It created confusion among fans before this Reddit theory (via TheMediocreCritic) gave a potential explanation for this. If this theory is believed, every time Wolverine uses his healing factor, it rebuilds him bigger and stronger. That is why the more damage he takes from his opponents, the more jacked up he looks.

“The more punishment he takes, the more muscled he is, like his healing factor is more triggered by more damage,rebuilding him bigger and stronger. If you look at the films where his is fighting more often, this is when he is at his biggest.”

Although this is just a mere fan theory and not addressed in any way by the studio, it might prove to be a central reason why he looks so gigantic in the leaked images of Deadpool 3. According to the theory, the character is expected to be at his peak in the upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie. The leaked photos from the sets and a glimpse into Jackman’s preparation already hinted at this.


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How will Wolverine return in Deadpool 3?

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Deadpool 3

The fans were madly excited about the return of Logan in the upcoming Deadpool movie in the MCU. However, some fans were skeptical because of the perfect send-off to Hugh Jackman’s character in Logan. They could not understand if Jackman’s character should be returned in live-action.

It was later reported that the classic mustard Wolverine suit was not the only addition to the next outing of the character. Ryan Reynolds claimed that the character shown to the Wolverine star was different from the version he was already accustomed to. The film is expected to portray the Adamantium-clawed mutant in a new way. It was also the reason why Jackman was excited to return to the role.


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Besides the return of Wolverine, the rumors from Deadpool 3 also iterates the comeback of several old mutants from the 20th Century Fox movies. Jennifer Garner’s Elektra is also supposed to appear in the film along with several other “sounds-too-good-to-be-true” cameos. We have to wait till July 26, 2024, to see if the R-rated MCU has done justice to Hugh Jackman’s return.

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