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X-Men Fan Theories That Make Total Sense

The X-Men appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963) for the first time. This group of fictional mutant superheroes became exceedingly popular, and since then, they have appeared in numerous comics, movies, shows, and video games. 

X-Men’s increasing popularity compelled the fans to look deep into the characters’ tropes and lives, giving rise to several fan theories. Surprisingly, many of them were proven true as time proceeded. 

Over the years, many creative Fan theories about Marvel’s favorite mutant group have appeared on  various platforms. Here is a collection of some of the best theories. 

1. Why does Wolverine always wear bright yellow?

Wolverine by John Byrne | Comic books art, Wolverine art, Wolverine marvel
Wolverine in Comics

Wolverine is fierce, sturdy, loyal, and has a temper. He often donned a canary yellow costume, which does not match his personality. So, why does he wear it? Well, let’s consider a few things first.

He wears yellow, only while working with the X-Men. When he works independently, he wears regular clothes. Whenever the mutant group is on a mission to fight the evil forces, at least one underage mutant is present. X-men’s fights are usually dangerous, which puts the underage members under a lot of risks. 

Wolverine is extremely brave and almost immune to all kinds of injuries. He is also very protective of the young X Men. According to a fan’s theory, Wolverine wears yellow to draw fire, away from the young X Men, towards himself. As the ordinary world rules dictate, children cannot be near fire or in such precarious situations. In Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, we see Wolverine ditching the yellow costume. (In this comic, the active X-Men team was all adults) 

Coincidence? We think not!

2. Why does Wolverine smoke cigars?

X-Men: Is THIS the real reason Hugh Jackman's Wolverine smoked cigars? | Films | Entertainment |
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

This one is probably the most straightforward theory on our list. 

Wolverine’s mutations also include heightened senses of smell. He smokes cigars (known for their robust and pungent smell) to cancel out the thousands of scents he comes across each day. If the different odors are not removed, he can get overwhelmed by them, affecting his functioning. 

3. Did Deadpool write his movie?

Deadpool 3 will be the first R-Rated movie in the MCU, Kevin Feige confirms

The hilarious opening credits of Deadpool seem to be the perfect evidence for this theory. 

Deadpool also has complete control over how the storyline progresses. In the movie, he breaks the fourth wall to interact with the viewers. But in the comics, he also talks to the artists and editors, and even they speak to him. Another reason that makes us believe this theory is the fight scenes. Deadpool is famous for his strength and techniques, but sometimes it feels the fights are a bit exaggerated as if to make Deadpool look invincible or “cool” (Very Deadpool-like, right?).

4. Why does Quicksilver live in his mom’s basement?

X-Men Apocalypse : Quicksilver awesome scene ! - Vidéo Dailymotion
Quicksilver in X-Men Apocalypse

Imagine Quicksilver, sitting on a desk at his 9-5 job. Pretty mundane, right? This is precisely the logic behind the theory. 

He often watches TV or plays video games in his mom’s basement because reality can be mundane and mind-numbing to him. Only speed can entertain him; remember when he listened to a song a thousand times the average speed or played Ping Pong so fast that the viewers couldn’t even see it? 

5. Can Xavier subconsciously pacify the people around him?

X-Men: The Animated Series - The Worst of Charles Xavier | Den of Geek
Professor Charles Xavier

Earlier, X Men were a group of mutants who got along well with minimal fights and clashes. But everything changed when Cyclops killed Charles Xavier. Do you think it changed the dynamics of the relationship between the mutants? 

Professor Xavier was the most powerful psychic. He tried not to control the minds of those around him but failed. 

Reddit theorist suggests that Xavier would put blocks on some superheroes or villains’ powers to avoid conflict or even erase some memories; this helped them behave in a more rational and civilized manner. 

6. Why are mutants so attractive?

All You Need To Know To Get Caught Up On X-Men Comics | Mental Floss
The X-Men

Were you smitten by the “beauty” of mutants? Well, thanks to the X-Gene. The X-Gene wanted the mutants to fight each other for mating right, but instead, they used it to fight the evil forces. 

We also see that related mutants have related powers and are even immune to related mutants’ powers. So, this theory that a single X-Gene not only gave rise to similar X-Genes but related X-Genes. In some cases even cooperated, forming a natural in-group.

7. Second Mutation 

Deadpool Unmasked in New Image from the Movie
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Wade Wilson was indeed a mutant with super dexterity, since being. But he probably underwent a second mutation. Otherwise, how do you explain jumping off a three-story overpass and landing ideally in a moving car or putting a sword into the wheels of a moving motorcycle while jumping?

The comics explain that secondary mutations happen when a mutant is in his/her late 20s and has a near-death experience. It also comes with a significant change in appearance. Guess who matches all the three criteria, that’s right, DEADPOOL!

8. Wolverine’s regeneration 

Wolverine: 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Healing Factor

Wolverine’s superpower includes healing. But sometimes, the healing process is way too bizarre for anyone to believe. 

One theory that makes sense is that Wolverine isn’t like other mutants or humans or an individual. He is a collection of cells that sustain themselves and hold Wolverine’s memories and experiences. 

9. Why did Logan slaughter the X-Men?

Logan Review: Hugh Jackman Saves The Best Wolverine Movie For Last | IndieWire
From Logan (2017)

Logan suggested that Professor Xavier killed the X-Men, but it’s never clear why he hates Wolverine. 

A Reddit user suggests that Xavier’s attack nearly killed everyone, and no one could undo the damages. So, to end their suffering, Wolverine mass slaughters them; this is why Xavier resents Wolverine. 

10. Kitty Pryde’s Second mutation 

Custom rings for Kitty Pryde — RedSofa
Elliot Page as Kitty Pryde

Unlike Deadpool’s Second Mutation theory, Kitty’s theory is a bit more subtle and difficult to spot. Fans suggest she received the secondary mutation in Days of Future Past

In comics, she can phase through only solid matters, but we see her sending someone’s consciousness into the past in the movie. This theory, however, is not covered in the comics. 

That’s all, folks. Do you also have some crazy theories? Let us know in the comments below. 

Written by FandomWire Staff