Xbox Fans Rub in Marvel’s Blade Potential Exclusivity, After Missing Out on Marvel’s Spider-Man Franchise

Insider info has Xbox players excited.

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  • According to an insider, Marvel's Blade will be an Xbox exclusive.
  • Gamers are already taking to Twitter/X to rub in Marvel's Blade's potential exclusivity.
  • Gamers are wondering whether Marvel's Blade will turn out to be another Redfall situation.
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During The Game Awards 2023, gamers were shown a brand-new teaser trailer that revealed an upcoming Marvel’s Blade game, which is currently being developed by Arkane Lyon and published by Bethesda.


At the moment, there is very little information regarding this upcoming Marvel’s Blade game, but according to an insider, this title will most likely be an Xbox exclusive, mainly because Microsoft owns Bethesda. However, this has not been confirmed by the developers themselves.

Even though this hasn’t been confirmed, the Xbox community is taking to Twitter/X to rub it in the faces of PlayStation gamers who have been enjoying Marvel’s Spider-Man for the past few years.


What Has Been Said Regarding Marvel’s Blade and Its Potential Xbox Exclusivity?

Xbox gamers rub in Marvel's Blade's potential exclusivity.
According to an insider, Marvel’s Blade will be an Xbox exclusive.

When it comes to gaming, there has always been a split amongst the community, as there are those who believe in Xbox supremacy, and some who believe in PlayStation supremacy.

This has led to a lot of controversy over the years, as gamers have battled over which console is the best, and this has led to the console wars. Now, according to this insider, the upcoming Marvel’s Blade game has been assumed to be an Xbox exclusive, leading to a whole new argument amongst the gaming community.

For example, one major comment that the community has already begun to see is the fact that Xbox is finally getting a Marvel-based game that is exclusive to the console, just like PlayStation has had Spider-Man for the past few years.


One such comment that has been mentioned on Twitter/X is:

Blade > Spider-Man, change my mind”

This is a member of the community stating that they believe Blade is a better franchise than Spider-Man, and that Xbox has received a better part of the deal.

Another comment by user, @Doomm11says:


Play station is dead lol. Xbox is Amazing.

So far, this has only sparked more negativity within the gaming community, as it is pitting the two console players against each other. It also shows the tension between the two factions of gamers.

However, since the Blade game hasn’t officially been announced as being an Xbox exclusive, there are still some holding out hope that they can share in their enjoyment of such an interesting franchise.

How Will This Affect Marvel’s Blade Development and the Public’s Opinion of the Game?

Xbox gamers rub in Marvel's Blade's potential exclusivity.
Xbox users have already taken to Twitter/X to rub in Marvel’s Blade’s potential exclusivity.

At the moment, Marvel’s Blade has only just begun it’s development, and if this insider information does prove to be true, there will be a lot of gamers who feel left out. The main question that will be plaguing everyone’s mind is whether or not the Marvel’s Blade game will benefit from being an exclusive, or whether it will cause the game to crash and burn.


This wouldn’t be the first time a game has released on Xbox consoles as an exclusive and failed, but this would be the first for a game with such a remarkable franchise link. Since Blade is such a large title and has many fans, it would be unlikely to fail.

However, it is currently being developed as a third-person, single-player, and mature experience, which implies that there will be a lot of blood and gore, which is fitting for a Blade game. There will also be a lot of interesting sites to see, as the game is set in the heart of Paris.

We do not know whether the game will be set in an open-world exploration title, like Marvel’s Spider-Man games; however, it would make for an interesting experience. Players would be able to explore such a unique location while taking out the many creatures of the night that plague the streets.


If Marvel’s Blade does release as an Xbox exclusive, it will most likely cause a bigger rift between the gaming community. But until the game comes out, players will be left to wonder whether this turns into another Redfall disaster, or the console’s next big franchise.

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