“You’re better off buying the game at this point”: Xbox Game Pass Accidentally Prioritises the PC Master Race in the Black Ops 6 FPS Discussion

According to fans, it's easier to just buy the game.

Black Ops 6


  • With the arrival of Call of Duty Black Ops 6 on Xbox Game Pass, the service finally decided to increase its price.
  • Some fans believe that purchasing the full game is preferable, as the price increase makes playing it through the service unjustified.
  • The price increase is almost 25% higher compared to the previous cost.
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After many rumors and doubts from the community, Microsoft finally decided to raise the price of the Xbox Game Pass starting today. This is something many users anticipated due to Call of Duty being part of the catalog from day one. 


Fans realized that the PC player is the only one who benefits from the new console service price for Black Ops 6. Users argue that the new service price is unjustifiable, particularly for this IP, given that the average fan is likely to play the game throughout the year. Part of the community thinks that it’s simple to just buy the entire game separately.

Some Players Believe It Is Simpler to Purchase Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Separately

Some multiplayer Black Ops 6 action.
OG Call of Duty players may just end up buying Black Ops 6 directly without using Xbox Game Pass. Image via Activision.

What many fans feared finally happened, and Microsoft decided to increase the price of the Xbox Game Pass by almost 25%. This new increase comes with a never-before-seen tier of service that will be slightly cheaper but will not include day-one releases.


Although the majority of followers opposed the increase, they anticipated it due to the inclusion of Call of Duty Black Ops 6 in the catalog.

However, part of the fandom thinks it is better to buy the game directly than pay for the online service. The only platform where it makes sense to pay for the service monthly is on PC, where it is cheaper than anywhere else.

If you are going to play the game constantly just buy it.


Fans of the franchise will just buy the game.

This title is too popular, and fans will just end up buying it.

On consoles, players would end up paying $240 a year, roughly equivalent to buying the game three times. These prices are barely justifiable, but they may be useful to players who just want to test the game.


Microsoft Made a Very Risky Move by Increasing Xbox Game Pass Price Again

Black Ops 6 zombie mode.
This game offers to much content to just playing one month. Image via Activision.

Due to the increase in Xbox Game Pass, specifically on PC, players who want to play the new Call of Duty on this platform will only pay $15 per month.

Considering all the content this game offers beyond the story mode, most active players usually play it all year until the new installment comes out. Consequently, the recent price hike has left many players uncertain about the value of accessing it via this service.

Console players will have to pay up to $20 per month to access the catalog in general, as well as Black Ops 6 specifically. This price is unjustifiable, particularly for users who intend to play it continuously.


The discussion on social media, such as X, makes sense to users who suggest it is better to buy the game and have it forever. It would be different if Microsoft decided to add benefits like the battle pass to the title with each new season for free when playing it through the service.

One of the things that most characterizes the Call of Duty community is that they are not casual players; they tend to play the title quite frequently thanks to all the different modes it offers.

Black Ops 6 will be no exception, with a story mode, multiplayer, and even the classic zombie mode. Therefore, the average player of this popular franchise will probably not access the game through Xbox Game Pass.


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