Xbox Game Pass’ May Additions Includes the Whackiest Sim Ever, and the Darkest Sequel of the Decade

So many great games here.

Xbox Game Pass


  • Xbox is rolling out its second wave of Game Pass titles for May.
  • A ton of indie games with some AAA titles too.
  • Hellblade 2 is the highlight, launching on Game Pass Day One.
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Xbox Game Pass titles for the rest of May have finally been revealed. From day one launches like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 to already available titles like Lords of the Fallen, Game Pass subscribers are filled with plenty of games to look forward to in the coming days. 


Indie games fill the roster this month, with many of them launching day one with Game Pass. Titles like Galacticare and Hauntii are the shining stars for their day one launch. Already released indies that are coming to Game Pass include Chants of Sennaar and Moving Out 2

Xbox Game Pass Value Becoming More Sweet

Hellblade sequel arrives on the service day one.
The Hellblade sequel arrives on the service day one.

The Microsoft subscription service continues to deliver high quality titles with many day one releases. One of the most anticipated and darkest games for 2024 is without a doubt Hellblade 2.


A sequel to 2017’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Ninja Theory now continues Senua’s story in the Xbox published title. The first game received many awards and was praised for its depiction of psychosis. Game Pass subscribers can enjoy the sequel on May 23.

Lords of the Fallen, released in October 2023, will now be available for Game Pass subscribers. A massive step above the 2014 original but was unable to make a splash in the gaming community. If you’re interested in another Soulslike action-RPG, you can play it on May 30 through Game Pass. 

Indies fill the May line up as well, notably Galacticare. This indie game title is a medical simulation where your patients are different alien species. Design the hospital as you see fit and earn money from recovered patients.


There’s a ton of simulation games out there but one where you need to take care of aliens in a galactic hospital is wacky, to say the least. Game Pass users can check this game out on May 23, same day as Hellblade 2

More Titles Added to Xbox Game Pass for May and June

The cute and spooky world of Hauntii.
The cute and spooky world of Hauntii.

Hauntii is another indie title launching day one on Game Pass on May 23. In this twin-stick adventure, you’ll explore this stylized world to find answers about the Eternians. Solve puzzles and find collectibles to uncover more of this ghostly world.

While Xbox kept this roster to mainly games coming out in May, there are a few titles to look forward to on June 4.


Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends is another simulation game, but on the cuter side as opposed to alien medical care. Players will control a robot chef as they run their own restaurant. Make enough successful orders to expand your shop and make new friends. 

If you’re looking for a chill experience and love sushi, it doesn’t hurt to try Rolling Hills on Game Pass next month.  

What game are you looking forward to the most on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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