As Xbox Sales Decline and ‘Microsoft Gaming’ Dies a Slow Death, the PS5 Managed to do 1 Thing at Launch No Other Sony Console has EVER Done

PS5 grabs a lucrative record as troubles continue for Xbox.

PS5 and Xbox


  • PS5 gained a significant record that so far no other console has been able to do for their company.
  • With Xbox in complete disarray, it seems like PlayStation is accumulating an insurmountable gap at the top.
  • Console wars seem to be well and truly over as Xbox focuses towards a cross-platform store instead.
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PlayStation and Xbox had been at loggerheads for decades as Sony and Microsoft remained at loggerheads over having the ‘better’ hardware and ecosystem. Newcomers Xbox had always provided competition but never really got to take the mantle off PlayStation as they managed to bank on its 7-year headstart.


Microsoft Gaming has been the new direction that Xbox is recently headed in. And the results have not been good so far. However, PlayStation has successfully taken this opportunity to make themselves completely out of reach.

In the process, the PS5 has bagged a lucrative ‘record’ that no other console company can boast of.


PS5 Gets Lucrative Bragging Right Over Other Consoles

PS5 grabbed an impressive record that no other console has.
PS5 grabbed an impressive record that no other console has.

Daniel Ahmed, the Director of Research & Insights at Niko Partners, posted a series of statistics showcasing various Xbox and PlayStation statistics. The third post of his showcases the phenomenal achievement of the PS5 consoles.

Every other console, be it Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, has always run on loss in the year of their release. But PS5 debunked that routine with a stellar performance in the 2021 fiscal year. Sony and PlayStation accumulated even more profits than the previous year. This is a truly significant achievement.

And if that is not all, Daniel shared quite an interesting anecdote along with a light-hearted remark about his rent being due.


All-in-all, it is no wonder Microsoft is so focused on promoting its new store. With numbers like this, the console war is all but gone from the hands of Xbox. With PlayStation shipping almost 5 times as many consoles than Xbox, there seems to be no way for Microsoft Gaming to catch up to their rivals.

While some Xbox fans might speak out, saying that Helldivers 2 becoming the fastest selling title ever shows Xbox’s determination, however, it is worth noting that most sales of the Helldivers 2 game came via PC Game Pass. Hence, without PC players, Microsoft Gaming would have been in dire straits, more than they already are.

PS5 Gives Sony the Last Laugh in Console Wars against Xbox

The console war seems to be on the verge of extinction.
The console war seems to be on the verge of extinction.

With Sony and PlayStation flying high, things are pretty dire in the Xbox and Microsoft Gaming camp. With the closure of historically successful studios, Xbox is walking a thin line between outright fan unrest, and on the other hand, PlayStation is still riding its PS5 high.


So far, the saving grace for Xbox has been Hellblade 2. With Ninja Theory’s Hellblade 2 on its way, instead of being excited about the game, fans are instead worried about the future of the studio. Moreover, the much-awaited Indian Jones and the Great Circle needs to announce its launch soon or players will panic even more for the state of the Xbox console.

Altogether, the Xbox camp seems to be in complete disarray. Especially since Microsoft Gaming started calling the major shots, Xbox has fallen more and more behind its rivals. With talk ongoing about Xbox going cross-platform, fans are left questioning whether their beloved Xbox ecosystem will even survive over the next few years.

What do you think of this mind-blowing record set by PS5? What do you think Xbox and Microsoft Gaming should do to up the ante against PlayStation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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