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Xbox Series X: Best Holiday Season Gifts For People Who Own One

The Xbox Series X is one of the priciest consoles in the market, the other being the even more expensive PlayStation 5. While gifting an entire Xbox Series X console to someone might be out of the question for many, gifting Xbox accessories might still be worth a shot. These less expensive options make even more sense since the holiday season is upon us. Here are some gifts that might be worth a shot.

One of the most complicated gaming consoles ever developed by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X comes loaded with a lot of features. It supports digital only copies but also has a disc drive. It has more than 50 compute units that register more than 10 teraflops. The console also supports 4k resolution and ray tracing. The Xbox Series X is even backwards compatible, a huge advantage over its immediate rival – the Sony PlayStation 5, and even to some extent – the Xbox Series S.

The console looks posh and stylish. Such a suave little piece of gaming equipment comes with a lot many features but also with many additional accessories. For gamers who just bought an Xbox Series X, these additional gift accessories would help them transition into a gamer for life.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

Microsoft‘s Xbox Game Pass may not be the first in the market to adopt the cloud gaming library model. But it certainly is the most popular one. The Xbox Game Pass subscription gives a person access to over 100 high-profile games like The Master Chief Collection and Destiny 2: Beyond Light for a nominal subscription fee. The fee is a fraction of the collective cost of individual prices of each game on offer. The subscription is applicable for PC, Console, and Android smartphones It comes loaded with early access deals and and extra perks like Xbox Live Gold.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription can be bought here.

Another Xbox Wireless Controller

The console comes with but one controller. Many people would be buying the Xbox Series X for multiplayer gaming. With games like Halo Infinite and Gears 5 in the horizon, another controller would mean a lot for your buddy.

Here’s where you can buy the new Xbox Core Controller.

Seagate SSD Card

The Xbox Series X has SSD storage. It makes it faster and more reliable but comes at a price. he console has very little memory storage for hardcore gamers. As a solution, Seagate offers an SSD expansion memory card. It has a capacity of 1 TB and can be fit at the empty slot provided at the back of the Series X. Modern games are getting larger in size every year so this is a must have accessory.

Buy the new Seagate SSD Storage Card For Xbox Series X here.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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