Xbox’s Newest Feature is Conveniently Timed, and It Seems It’s All Leading to 1 Inevitable Conclusion

Why add this feature now?



  • The latest Xbox feature suggests Microsoft might be working on a handheld.
  • Xbox handheld makes more sense after the latest dashboard update as console can now remember Wi-Fi passwords.
  • The possibility of a portable console from Microsoft has fans extremely excited, leading users to speculating.
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Microsoft has just made an update to the Xbox dashboard that lets the user remember the Wi-Fi password. This was discussed on X/Twitter, and many players started to wonder why they added this feature now. Various fans speculate that the brand’s portable console could be a possibility. 


Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond, both of the company’s heads, have discussed this in various interviews. It makes no sense to add this feature without any other possible reason for Microsoft to try it. This is not even applicable to cloud services.

The Xbox Dashboard Has Just Revealed Microsoft’s Hardware Future

The Xbox Dashboard have just been updated, and fans are speculating.
The Xbox Dashboard has just been updated and fans are speculating.

Microsoft has made some very interesting changes regarding Xbox’s brand strategy. The company aims to sell more games than hardware and encourages people to join Game Pass. However, there is also a new possibility on the horizon for console fans.


The latest update to the Series S/X’s dashboard has added a new option that only makes sense if your next move is to launch a new handheld. This new feature has made people speculate about how there could be a portable console in the works.

The new update has gone viral and many players assume it will happen. A clip posted on X/Twitter shows how the console remembers Wi-Fi works and there are a few reasons to implement this on the UI. You will only need to remember these passwords if you use the platform everywhere.


The Xbox Handheld Could Be Finally Coming

The Microsoft handheld could be happening soon.
The Microsoft handheld could be happening soon.

Fans are almost certain that the handheld console is a reality; Microsoft hasn’t provided any information or even mentioned it. However, everyone involved in the brand has made it clear that they could use any opportunity to boost sales.

The gaming community is not very interested in acquiring a console from the creators of Gears of War, but products like Steam Deck have proven to be very effective for players in certain markets. The Nintendo strategy is to only rely on exclusive games that run well on the Switch, but a third possibility for players to choose from could make the competition much more fair for Xbox.

With the use of Game Pass, the portable console could have hundreds of games to choose from. Fans are hoping to see an option for those who love portable consoles and want to play everywhere. Microsoft is gearing up for a showcase in June, where they plan to share a wealth of news and updates about their upcoming titles.


Fans are expecting a possible Gears of War 6, the release date of Fable, and numerous other new IPs. After the event, sources hinted at the potential introduction of the next Call of Duty game, including gameplay details and a release date. This is the year that Microsoft could make a big difference and bring in new players.

What are your thoughts about the new Xbox feature? Do you think a handheld announcement is coming soon? Let us know in the comments!


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