Upcoming XDefiant Patch Confirmed to be Fixing Fans Biggest Complaint, Just in Time for it Head-to-Head with Call of Duty: Black Ops 6

A new patch will make XDefiant more balanced and fair.

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  • Ubisoft’s XDefiant will introduce a flinch mechanic to sniper rifles, making sniping more challenging and balanced.
  • The community has reacted positively to the upcoming patch, praising Ubisoft for addressing the sniper issue.
  • The update aims to enhance gameplay and retain players, positioning XDefiant to compete with the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops 6.
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Ubisoft’s XDefiant is about to drop a major update that tackles one of the community’s biggest complaints – snipers being overpowered. Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer of the game, took to X to announce a game-changing upcoming patch for sniper rifles.


The update, which introduces a flinch mechanic, is set to make sniping more challenging. The flinch mechanic will ensure that when snipers take hits, they can’t just instantly aim, shoot, and take out their opponents. This change is expected to level the playing field and make the game more balanced.

Ubisoft Has Addressed the Overpowered Sniping in XDefiant

New factions will also be coming to XDefiant.
New factions will also be coming to XDefiant.

The flinch mechanic isn’t new to first-person shooters, but its absence in XDefiant has been a criticism for many players since it wasn’t as well-balanced and they felt overpowered due to the lack of this mechanic. In fast-paced first-person shooters, having the ability to instantly one-shot kill opponents without any consequence has given snipers a significant advantage, and this has been the case with this game as well. 


By adding flinch, snipers will now have to be far more strategic. If they get hit, their aim will be disrupted, making it harder to get that perfect shot off immediately. This means players will need to be more mindful of their positioning and timing, making it more skillful and balanced.


The reaction from the community to this future update has been very positive. Many players have taken to Reddit and X to express their relief and excitement about the upcoming patch. For a long time, players have been vocal about how overpowered snipers felt in the game. This change is seen as a necessary step to ensure a more fair and enjoyable experience for all.

Rubin’s transparency and engagement with the community are also noteworthy. By using social media to communicate directly with players, he’s fostering a sense of community and trust. Players feel heard, and that goes a long way in maintaining a loyal player base and could give this game an edge over its competitors.

Can XDefiant Compete With Call of Duty Black Ops 6?

Black Ops 6 will release later this fall.
Let’s see how these two games will compete.

The timing of this patch is also noteworthy. With Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 on the horizon, XDefiant is making a bold move to enhance its gameplay and retain its player base. The rivalry between these two games will surely heat up by the time Black Ops 6 releases this fall, and Ubisoft’s commitment to improving this game shows they are ready to compete with the giant.


By addressing one of the most talked-about issues in the game, Ubisoft is not only improving the current experience for their players but also setting the stage to attract new ones. Players who might be on the fence about sticking with XDefiant or switching to Call of Duty might now have more of a reason to stay.

While the flinch mechanic is the highlight of this update, Rubin hinted that more changes and improvements are on the way. The development team is listening closely to player feedback and is dedicated to making this game the best it can be.


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