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Y: The Last Man Facts You Must Know Before Watching The FX Series

Y The Last Man Facts You Must Know Before Watching The FX Series

Have you ever wondered if suddenly you were the only “man” alive on the planet? What would the world look like with no men in it? Well, there is no need to imagine now. The wait will be over soon. “Y: The Last Man,” a new show, will premiere on Hulu on 13th September. The show is adapted from a book of the same name which consists of 60 issues from 2002 to 2008.

So here are the Y: The Last Man Facts You Must Know Before Watching The FX Series.

1. Y: The Last Man is as it sounds

Y: The Last Man

All men in the world die, suddenly and for unknown reasons, one day. An apocalypse occurs and kills all of the men on the planet. However one Man and his capuchin monkey, Ampersand, are still alive. Y stands for Y-chromosome, which is the cause of sudden death in men. In biology, “Y” is the Sex Chromosome for men. Additionally, Y represents the main protagonist of the film, Yorick Brown.

2. Y: The Last Man is about Love and Relationships

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Unlike the other apocalyptic series, this one is really about people. There are at least four other love interests besides Yorick’s desire to track down Beth, whom he proposed to just before the plague hit. Unfortunately, as you might expect from a story about the last man on earth, most of these relationships end in tragedy.

3. There could be a whole graduate thesis on gender in “Y: The Last Man”

Y: The Last Man

Creating a story about the sudden death of all the world’s men is one thing. The other is to engage in discussions about the ramifications of that story actively. Even though the talks date back to the 2000s, they are still relevant as a topic today.

4. Despite the inclusion of sex, gender, and relationships in “Y: The Last Man,” it is still a post-apocalyptic story, so survival remains the underlying theme

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1: Unmanned by Brian K. Vaughan

Hero and Yorick have already experienced abuse as children. The story tells us what it was like to lose half the world’s population and what it was like for those who remained to try to rebuild their countries. 

5. The initial idea was to make a movie

Y: The Last Man TV Series Gets Official Poster

The series will begin screening soon, but this is not the first time they have attempted this. The movie project never progressed past those early stages. That’s because Caruso and New Line couldn’t agree due to creative differences. 

6. The Series took a lot of time to release but it was worth it

y the last man arrives at the perfect time 1630630527

After all those delays, “Y: The Last Man” might become more pertinent now than it has ever been. Eliza Clark has said, “The Y chromosome sets Yorick apart in this world, not his maleness. We are making a show that affirms trans women as women, trans men as men, and non-binary people as non-binary.”

7. A good man is hard to find in Y: The Last Man.

First Y: The Last Man Footage Featured in FX on Hulu Teaser

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World – James Brown’s catchy tune on the first trailer for “Y: The Last Man” gives viewers an exclusive look at how the comic-accurate story is retold. 

So these were the “Y: The Last Man” Facts You Must Know Before Watching The FX Series. 

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