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“Years of pushback for this jabroni?”: The Rock Went Against Walter Hamada to Bring Back Henry Cavill as Superman in Black Adam, Proves Zack Snyder Fans Were Always Right

Walter Hamada

Black Adam is less than a week away and we couldn’t be any less excited than the average DC fan. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock will be leading the movie as he plays the role of the titular character, but if rumors are to be believed the appearance of Henry Cavill as Superman is imminent.

Just earlier this month reports came out suggesting that Henry Cavill had made his long-awaited return to the DCEU as Superman, and who brought these two to an agreement? The Rock! If these reports are true then it would be delightful news for fans of the caped superhero, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, an important DC executive was not too fond of the idea.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Superman

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Walter Hamada Disapproved Of Henry Cavill’s Superman Cameo For Black Adam

The omission of Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU ever since Justice League came out has sparked a lot of speculation regarding the future of the British actor. Some think that he’s never going to come back while others are confident of his return.

There’s been tons of articles and rumors ever since Justice League speculating Cavill’s return, although it never really manifested into a reality. Warner Bros is definitely not in favor of Zack Snyder’s version of Superman, let alone having Cavill (who played the superhero in Snyder’s Man of Steel) return as the character.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Walter Hamada

But according to recent reports, it’s not only WB but also its subsidiary DC Films that aren’t too fond of Cavill’s Superman, and to be specific, it’s DC Films president Walter Hamada.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the supposed cameo of Superman in the upcoming Black Adam was an idea that was not met well with by Hamada, who upon hearing the idea simply decided against it.

This is the moment when Dwayne Johnson, who is rumored to have brought an agreement between Cavill and WB, went toward Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy who were in on the cameo idea. The scene was eventually shot in mid-September.

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This is nothing shocking to be fair – Hamada already had his own set of plans to introduce a black Superman, moving away from the much popularly demanded return of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent. It’s also pretty well known that the 54-year-old exec isn’t too fond of the influence that Zack Snyder had over the DCEU, making Hamada resent the idea of Cavill’s Superman cameo even more.

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Fans Turn On Walter Hamada Upon Hearing Henry Cavill/ Superman News

As the DCEU train keeps progressing on and on, Zack Snyder’s fans get more restless. Yes, they did get their highly demanded Zack Snyder’s Justice League last year, which was brilliant nonetheless.

But it just doesn’t cut it for them because they haven’t seen an official Snyder movie for the DCEU ever since Justice League( although Joss Whedon changed it up by a lot).

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Walter Hamada

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The recent report by The Hollywood Reporter displaying Walter Hamada as an obstacle in Henry Cavill’s Black Adam cameo as Superman has given fans, especially Snyder fans, an incentive to hate him even more. Here’s how Twitter’s reacting to it-

They want him out-

This user feels betrayed-

It’s a Superman cameo after all!-

That’s some strong language-

This recent piece of news is surely bound to tarnish Walter Hamada’s reputation as a film executive, but it wasn’t too smart of him to deny the fans what they’ve always wanted- Henry Cavill’s return as the DCEU’s most popular superhero Superman.

Black Adam comes out on 21st October 2022.

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