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“Yes it’s scary”: Marvel Star Zoe Saldana Had a Surprising Reaction After Fans Called Her the Next Angelina Jolie

“Yes it’s scary”: Marvel Star Zoe Saldana Had a Surprising Reaction After Fans Called Her the Next Angelina Jolie

Zoe Saldaña is one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood, who is known for her versatile acting. You can recognize the actress from her role in popular franchises like Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Trek. With her outstanding performances, the Drumline actress has gained a massive fan following around the world. The actress appears confident both on and off screen but that was not always the case.

Zoe Saldaña
Zoe Saldaña

Because, a few years ago, when Zoe Saldaña was gaining recognition for playing her anti-hero roles; she stated how getting compared to Hollywood heartthrob, Angelina Jolie made her nervous. The Maleficent actress has inspired a lot of actresses by taking complex roles that challenged the limits of her acting, helping her in pushing her limits. And Saldaña also looked up to Angelina Jolie for inspiration.

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Zoe Saldaña Became Nervous When She Was Compared to Angelina Jolie

Similar to the Tomb Raider actress, Zoe Saldaña has done a lot of action movies, and some critics started calling her the “new Angelina Jolie.” During an exclusive interview, the actress told Fox411’s Pop Tarts Column, how getting compared to her idol is “scary.” However, she is proud of how the Wanted actress’ dedication has helped her in pushing her boundaries and becoming successful in the industry.

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Angelina Jolie

“If I think about it in that fashion then yes [It’s scary,] I wouldn’t want to think about it in that way. But I have been inspired by amazing actresses that have taken amazing risks and opened amazing doors, and I am a product of that and I am honored to be included in a group of women that have defied their own gravity. Besides playing amazing character roles they also have an amazing agility to do action.”

Angelina Jolie has done a plethora of movies in her career, but the actress is majorly known for her action movies and how she does most of her stunts in the movie. In each movie, the actress was praised for her stunts, and the ability to portray layered characters, while paving way for action actresses in the movie industry.

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Angelina Jolie was Zoe Saldaña’s Inspiration

The Star Trek actress is a very dedicated actress as she chooses to put her body on the line and do most of her stunts by herself. The actress told Esquire, that after doing most of her stunts in a movie she felt “empowered” and “sexy.” 

Zoe Saldaña
Zoe Saldaña

“I have the itch lately. I don’t know if it is after Avatar or Star Trek or because I’ve just finished an action film called The Losers, in which I did almost all my own stunts. I think it’s so empowering and sexy.”

Zoe Saldaña continued that she always looks up to Angelina Jolie and Jessica Biel, who “incorporate their bodies,” and she finds it quite pleasing.

“I love actresses like Angelina and Jessica [Biel]. They’re very agile, they incorporate their bodies with their characters and they pick women who are very strong. I really dig that.”

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Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider

With the contributions of these renowned actresses in the action genre, they are breaking stereotypes, as the audience is used to watching male actors in the action genre. In addition to, breaking gender stereotypes, they would inspire young women to be physically fit and push themselves to go beyond societal stereotypes.

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