“You absorb fewer calories”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Cracked the Code to 7X Mr. Olympia With 1 Cosmic Life Hack

Slower calorie absorption is linked to eating more leftovers, bodybuilding god Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed.

"You absorb fewer calories": Arnold Schwarzenegger Cracked the Code to 7X Mr. Olympia With 1 Cosmic Life Hack


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has been an action legend and bodybuilding god for a few decades.
  • The seven time Mr. Olympia has recently shared an essential diet for budding bodybuilders.
  • The actor revealed that eating more leftovers help maintaining calorie intake.
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Hollywood action god and bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a fitness freak for several decades, even before his Hollywood debut in Hercules in New York in 1970. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fubar
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fubar. Credit: Netflix

The actor has been 7 times prestigious Mr. Olympia with his astonishing physique and his fitness streak has continued to this date. The actor recently revealed how he cracked the code to be Mr. Olympia with one simple yet cosmic life hack.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shared His Life Hack to Bodybuilding

A still from Netflix's Arnold
A still from Netflix’s Arnold. Credit: Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger has retained the health goal he started decades ago. The actor now shares his health tips and tricks with aspiring bodybuilders. In the recent edition of his  Arnold’s Pump Club newsletter, the 76-year-old discussed ‘The reason to eat more leftovers.’ The actor stressed on cooling starchy foods which may have several potential health benefits and explained why leftover carbs are less caloric.


“Your leftover rice and pasta might be healthier than you think. That’s because cooling starchy foods could give them unexpected health benefits and reduce how many calories they contain,” Schwarzenegger revealed in his newsletter.

Calorie maintenance is the key to good health. Schwarzenegger further revealed that cooling food like leftover rice and pasta goes through a certain chemical process to become “resistant starch”— a dietary fiber and a prebiotic— promotes good microbiome and enhances digestive health adding support to the immune system.

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Cooling Starch-Rich Food Is Key To Maintain Calorie Intake

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the recent years
Arnold Schwarzenegger during his training. Credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Instagram

Schwarzenegger, with decades of experience in pumping iron and maintaining a healthy diet, stated that cooling starch-rich food is a good and viable option for bodybuilders. Referring to a study on cooling food, the actor said that resistant starch absorbs fewer calories in the body.

“Resistant starch appears to bend the law of calories, so your body absorbs approximately half as many calories as regular starch. That’s because resistant starch is not completely digested, meaning you absorb fewer calories from those foods.”

Also, lesser calorie controls control blood sugar levels and cholesterol. “Resistant starch has less impact on blood sugar levels,” the actor continued adding “making it an excellent choice for those aiming to maintain stable blood sugar levels.” If calorie intake is maintained the bumps on the road to a sound physique and health tend to disappear which will further promote longevity.


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