“You ain’t sh-t”: Mark Wahlberg Goes Straight After Kevin Hart’s Reputation, Dissed His Career Choice Saying “You haven’t done nothing here”

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Mark Wahlberg Goes Straight After Kevin Hart’s Reputation, Dissed His Career Choice Saying “You haven’t done nothing here”

While people are aware of Kevin Hart’s bromance with The Rock, what might come as a surprise to many is his close friendship with his Me Time co-star, Mark Wahlberg. Despite their relationship being very low-key in the eyes of the public, their Netflix project surely made people realize how close they actually are in real life. The natural back and forth between the actors during the Me Time promotion tour especially brought a certain charm to the table and also created quite a few funny headline-worthy moments.

One such banter revisited Hart’s tumultuous relationship with the basketball player Michael Jordan. While the duo, Wahlberg and Hart were out shopping for a pair of sneakers with Complex, the Uncharted actor passionately defended Jordan, taking a jab at Hart’s legacy in the process.

Mark Whalberg
Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Wahlberg Dissed Kevin Hart Saying “You Ain’t Sh-t”

While promoting their 2022 Netflix movie Me Time, Complex took the pair, Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart to Flight Club in New York, where the duo spoke about their relationship with shoes. During their conversation, the interviewer presented Hart with a 1985 Air Jordan 1, a shoe that the comedian had sourced a year prior, and that is where the trouble began. The interviewer further enquired about his personal connection to the shoe, compelling Hart to reflect on the lasting legacy Michael Jordan has left behind.

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Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg
Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Me Time

And that is exactly where Mark Wahlberg chimed in, adding to the conversation, the actor stated,

“If you think about it, if come here today and look at–I mean, all that he has created, all that he inspired, You ain’t sh-t. You haven’t done anything. You got no random story you can walk in and it’s just all about you–You haven’t done nothing here”

Although the actor tried to soften the blow by adding his name to the list as well, confessing that was exactly how he felt when he looked at the shoes, a baffled Kevin Hart did not understand the necessity of the brutal jibe. But as some fans guessed, it was Wahlberg playfully avenging Jordan possibly in response to the comedian’s infamous diss to the basketball player’s fashion sense at a charity event years back.

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What Happened at the Charity Event Kevin Hart Roasted MJ?

At a certain charity event once, Kevin Hart made fun of Michael Jordan’s seemingly high-waisted jeans and mustache, which he sensed Jordan wasn’t thrilled about. In the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, the actor stated,

“He’s looking like straight, he’s actually giving me the look like you gonna keep on going? I remember I hit him with like one more, and nobody said nothing. So, I’m like whatever, I’m getting over.“

After which one of the greatest NBA players to ever live, greeted the actor with a handshake he would remember for life. As he stated,

 “I see him and I’m like, ‘What’s up Mike?’ He shook my hand and he squeezed it real hard and like, you have a good day. I ain’t seen him since. He’s still my favorite player, though.”

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

A lesser-known fact about Wahlberg, the actor is also great friends with MJ, and the two are golfing buddies. Consequently, many saw that well-intended hit that Wahlberg took on Hart as a playful way of him standing up for his golfing buddy.

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Me Time is available on Netflix to stream.

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