“You all made that risk so worthwhile”: Every DC Fan Needs to Hear Kevin Conroy’s Words of Wisdom on Pride Month

Kevin Conroy's message was for everyone who loved the piece he wrote for DC's Pride Month.

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  • Kevin Conroy wrote an autobiographical comic book story called Finding Batman for DC's Pride Month.
  • He thanked fans for the overwhelming support after he struggled in the industry as a gay actor.
  • Conroy came out in 2016 and he was welcomed with love and support from Batman fans.
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Kevin Conroy was one of the legends of DC and an LGBTQ+ icon who inspired many fans all around the world. His work as the voice of Batman remains unparalleled so it was truly heartbreaking news when he died last 2022 at the age of 66.

batman the animated series
Batman: The Animated Series / Warner Bros.

June is Pride Month, and many people spend this time celebrating freedom of expression and appreciating the blessings in life. Before Conroy passed away, the actor shared a message on social media that resonated with everyone.

Kevin Conroy Thanked Fans For Endless Support On Pride Month

In a Twitter video, Kevin Conroy thanked fans for showing love and support for the DC project he made in honor of Pride Month. He wrote Finding Batman, a short comic book story released as an anthology series.


I just wanted to take a second to thank all of you for the reactions that I’ve been getting to the story that I wrote for DC Pride. It’s been overwhelming, and it is so appreciated.

kevin conroy on crisis on infinite earths
Kevin Conroy in Crisis on Infinite Earths / The CW

Finding Batman is an autobiographical retelling of how the actor found his luck after auditioning for Batman: The Animated Series. In the same story, he tackled some sensitive topics from his own life living in a broken home. He lived with an alcoholic father, and he also struggled as a gay actor in Hollywood.

Whenever you share something that personal, you risk, and you all made that risk so worthwhile because the support and appreciation has been extraordinary; I just wanted to make sure you knew that.

Conroy went on to tell fans never to underestimate how much he appreciated them. For the actor, “It means the world to me.” His struggles in life helped him give Batman his own personality. Interestingly, he also could not pinpoint if it was his public face or his private face that he used as the character’s identity.


There were so many battles that he had to fight and survive, especially since at the time, the industry was not as forgiving as it has become today. Finally, in 2016, Conroy made the conscious decision to come out as a gay man.

Kevin Conroy On Coming Out As Gay

batman the animated series 2
Batman: The Animated Series / Warner Bros.

In his interview with the New York Times, Conroy admitted how difficult it was to be a gay man living in New York at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

I went to so many funerals that I felt such a sense of obligation to do it right. Every night I would just wail, feeling all the pain. I couldn’t not feel it. It was a scream of, ‘Look what’s happening to us! Help!’

After Conroy made the public announcement, he was welcomed with support and acceptance. He lived the rest of his life pursuing what he loved to do and staying true to himself. Even after he came out, fans still lauded him as the definitive Batman.


This Pride Month, Conroy’s message to the public still resonates so much. Fans can watch Batman: The Animated Series on Max.


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