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‘You almost wish it was a bad breakup’: Nikki Bella Reveals Agonizing Breakup With John Cena, Says It Was Hard To Walk Away

The wrestler Nikki Bella had been in a relationship with John Cena from 2012 to 2018, making the span of their relationship over six years long.

Fans were very brokenhearted when the couple announced their breakup in 2018, especially since Nikki and John seemed like the perfect power couple.

Nikki Bella had since made a few statements regarding the break-up and how painful it was for her, even mentioning that the relationship was full of love.

Nikki Bella And John Cena
Nikki Bella And John Cena At the Red Carpet

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Nikki Bella And John Cena

Nikki Bella and John Cena have always seemed like the dream couple. What with their dreamy looks, beautiful media appearances, and more than sweet and loving words for each other.

It was going really well and fans were so excited when John Cena proposed to his lady love in front of an entire audience, going down on one knee and proposing.

john Cena proposes
John Cena Proposed To Nikki Bella

The proposal was followed by an excited “Yes!” from Nikki and then the two embraced each other with a passionate kiss.

Of course, nobody minded the PDA because it was just too cute and adorable. Some might even consider the moment to be ‘eye-sweating’ (*cough* Me *cough*).

So it was no surprise that the fans of the couple were left confused and sad when the couple had made the statements online to part ways.

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Nikki Bella And The Pain She Felt

Nikki Bella has stated that the breakup was extremely hard on her. She was in so much pain and hurt. It’s true, true love is just as dangerous as it is beautiful and Nikki Bella learned that the hard way.

Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella In The Ring

Although the reasons behind the break-up are a bit foggy, the break-up itself was a huge deal. It wasn’t just the breakup of a couple but of an engaged couple. It hurt even more as John Cena would openly discuss having kids with Nikki as well.

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Nikki Bella confessed that she wished that the reason behind the break-up was that the relationship was bad; however, she agrees that none of that was true and she and John were in a happy, lovely place.

“You almost wish it was bad, because it’s so much easier to walk away,” Nikki Bella explained. “I think a lot of women get into this situation when it’s like, ‘I love this person, but I don’t know if it’s right for my life. Sometimes we meet amazing people, but we’re just meant to live a different life.”

John Cena
John Cena

Although Nikki Bella still claims that the need to part ways was very prominent in her gut, and she couldn’t go against her gut feeling. The break-up, too, was mutual.

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