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“You are always nervous and you are always afraid”: DCU Star John Cena Admits He Was Scared When Asked to Face Brock Lesnar in His WWE Career

"You are always nervous and you are always afraid": DCU Star John Cena Admits He Was Scared When Asked to Face Brock Lesnar in His WWE Career

John Cena is one of the biggest superstars of WWE, a trained professional fighter, and an accomplished actor in the Hollywood industry. He has been proclaimed as one of the best athletes of all time and made his career in WWE a very successful one. He started his career in wrestling at a very young age and then signed a deal with WWE in 2001. And later with the fame he gathered in the WWE he shifted his focus to the acting business and took his fame to another level. In his entire career, John Cena has faced his opponents fearlessly but stopped in his tracks when facing one individual: Brock Lesnar.

John Cena
John Cena

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John Cena’s Biggest Obstacle in His WWE Career

John Cena is easily one of the most successful wrestlers of his time and had trampled over many others to achieve victory. He was declared champion countless times on multiple occasions and gained enormous success with his huge build combined with speed and enormous power. But as all champions have to overcome many difficulties and crossroads, Cena also had one such obstacle in his life. In an interview when he was asked who his biggest match was, John Cena replied,

“Do you know a WWE superstar by the name of Brock Lesnar? Ok if you know Brock Lesnar, he is big, he is bad, and he is mean and he was easily my toughest match. Now I have had some moments where I have done ok against him, and I have moments where I have not done ok against him.

And the greatest thing about having a match with Brock Lesnar is you’re always nervous, always afraid cause he is stronger than everybody. But you are still brave enough to go in there, win or lose him, you try your best.”

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

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John Cena’s biggest obstacle was Brock Lesnar, his colleague from the WWE, the best of the bests, packed with top-class power, stamina, and determination. Though John Cena is the man everyone looks up to, when the “The Beast Incarnate” himself stands in front of “The Cenator”, it would be an understatement to say that Cena’s legs were shaking.

John Cena’s Hollywood Career After WWE Success

John Cena after his super successful career in WWE turned his attention towards the Hollywood industry and debuted in The Marines, released in 2006. With an estimated production cost of $15 million, the movie grossed a total of $22 million at the box office. Though he was dormant for many years in the industry, he came back strong with his role as Steven in Trainwreck, released in 2015. He also made a big appearance in the Fast & Furious franchise’s 9th movie, Fast 9 as the main antagonist.

John Cena as Peacemaker in Peacemaker
John Cena as Peacemaker in Peacemaker

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John Cena is famously known for his role in the DCU action series Peacemaker, in which he starred as Peacemaker, the main character. The first season released in 2022 and James Gunn has personally confirmed another season, but no specific date has been released. The show has received many positive reviews and critic ratings.

Peacemaker is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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