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“You are either sexy or you’re not”: Amber Heard Was Frustrated With Hollywood Actresses Losing Good Roles Because of Their Appearance 

Amber Heard talks about how Hollywood sees actresses and their roles in movies.

"You are either sexy or you're not": Amber Heard Was Frustrated With Hollywood Actresses Losing Good Roles Because of Their Appearance 


  • Amber Heard says the industry categorizes women as Sexy or Non-sexy.
  • The actress further shared that actresses are given roles based on their looks.
  • Allegedly, the Aquaman 2 set has been very hostile towards Heard, with people banning her from promotions.

Amber Heard has built a diverse acting portfolio, demonstrating her flexibility and depth across a variety of genres. Her career highlights include her breakthrough role in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and her contributions to major successes such as Aquaman, cementing her place in Hollywood with her skill and captivating screen presence. However, there’s something she hates about the film industry.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Amber Heard might catch the eye of casting directors with her impeccably flawless blonde hair, graceful contours, and Hollywood allure, but she maintains that her appearance is the “least captivating thing” about her.

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Amber Heard Claims Women Get Roles Based On Their Appearance

Amber Heard previously expressed her battle to prove her worth beyond her looks. She acknowledged the challenges faced by female actors, emphasizing the need for them to be valued beyond their appearance. According to her, Hollywood tends to slot women into either a sexy or non-sexy category, impacting the opportunities they receive.

Fandomwire Video
Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Heard told Vogue:

“I am constantly struggling to show people that there is more to me than my appearance. You do have to try and overcome those hurdles. Female actresses need to be given the chance to be more than how they look. There’s two categories for women in Hollywood; you’re either sexy and that’s it, or you’re not and because of that you often get given better opportunities. You can’t be sexy and get as many good roles, fact.”

Amber Heard shared her frustrations with the way women are categorized in the industry, emphasizing that the situation won’t improve until there is greater female representation among filmmakers and producers. She pointed out that many female characters and narratives are crafted by men, underscoring the flaws in the current system.

Although she has concerns about the film industry, Heard has been navigating it as best as she can. Previously, she stood out as one of the rare actresses openly discussing her s*xuality, confirming her relationship with her then-girlfriend, the artist and photographer Tasya van Ree.


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James Wan Asked Amber Heard To Not Promote Aquaman 2

Fresh information from Amber Heard’s therapist’s records, as reported by Variety, has brought to light some interesting aspects concerning her forthcoming movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The report suggested that Jason Momoa had come to the set intoxicated and attired like Heard’s former spouse, Johnny Depp. “Jason said he wanted me fired,” the report indicated.

Heard's look as Mera from the first Aquaman
Amber Heard in Aquaman

In addition to Momoa, the therapist records also alleged that the director of the movie, James Wan, was unsympathetic toward the Zombieland star because of the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard trial. The notes indicated that Wan restricted her from sharing anything about the film or capturing moments on set.

Heard said:

“He raised his voice @ me — ‘I can’t even post about Aquaman’ — made it like it was my fault – I said ‘I’m sorry.’ Nobody could take selfies with me on set given blackout.”

While the director of The Conjuring has remained silent in response, a spokesperson from DC has asserted that Wan is recognized for his supportive approach toward his cast and team. They emphasized that he maintained the same positive demeanor during the production of Aquaman 2.

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