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“You are going through money problems publicly”: Amber Heard Makes Another Big Mistake in Her Vacation to Spain, PR Expert Advises the Aquaman Actress to Stop Showing off Her Luxury Holiday

amber heard with daughter

It’s nothing new to see Amber Heard enjoying a relaxing vacation despite the huge amount of money she was ordered to pay Johnny Depp in damages after losing the trial. The Aquaman actress was recently spotted vacationing in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Publicists who interacted with Newsweek said that such an expensive trip is not a good idea to show off in front of people.

Amber Heard with her daughter spotted in Spain
Amber Heard with her daughter spotted in Spain

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The actress has been photographed with her daughter and girlfriend enjoying the vacation site and now people have been raising more questions like how she can afford or pay for such a luxurious vacation after claiming to be bankrupt.

Amber Heard’s Spain Trip Flooding up New Controversies

Fans are criticizing Aquaman actress for vacationing in Spain
Fans are criticizing Aquaman actress for vacationing in Spain

The actress faced similar issues before which gave people a wrong idea about the state of her finances, even if someone else is paying her bills. Earlier also Amber Heard suffered similar criticism and it went viral immediately over the tabloid press and social media when she was spotted in the Hamptons and Israel. Jared Shapiro, the founder of public relations firm The Tag Experience, reported to Newsweek that:

“Sometimes celebrities are disconnected from the reality that the rest of the world faces, if you actually care what people think about you—and some celebrities don’t—you’ll be mindful of your actions.”

The editorial director of gossip tabloids Life & Style and In Touch Weekly, also previously added that “the general consensus was, from a PR standpoint, Johnny Depp played it better.” They even directly commented on her but politely placed their general thoughts following this matter.

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Publicists Say ‘Such Moves Not a Good Look for Stars’, Commenting on Amber Heard’s Luxury Trip

Publicists commented on Amber Heard's trip
Publicists commented on Amber Heard’s trip

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Kelly Brady, CEO, and founder of Brandsway Creative also commented that:

“Anything you do that is covered in the media is like being judged in a global public court, If you are going through money problems publicly, and then you are photographed living it up on a lux vacation, you’re just opening the flood gates to be ridiculed, to be doubted, and called a liar, even if you are not paying for this trip.”

In June, during the defamation trial, the jury detailed abuse allegations from both sides and ruled the actress must pay $10 million to her ex-husband Johnny Depp in compensatory damages and an extra $350,000 in punitive damages, which she was unable to pay.


Written by Shreeparna Das