“You asked for it”: Emilia Clarke Returns as Mother of Dragons in the Hottest F1 Promo of All Time as Game of Thrones Veteran Whispers ‘Dracarys’

Emilia Clarke commanded Dracarys before firing a McLaren car at the British Grand Prix.

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  • Emilia Clarke recently attended the British Grand Prix and recreated the infamous Game of Thrones ending with a better twist.
  • McLaren’s attempt at offering fans an iconic Game of Thrones ending failed, as Clarke didn't say ‘Dracarys’ before firing a car.
  • Therefore, McLaren shot a second video with Clarke commanding Dracarys before firing a car in the F1 promo, as fans demanded.
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This year, the British Grand Prix held at Silverstone caught people’s attention, for not just its racing event, but also for getting an English icon at the F1 promo. Well, according to images and videos shared online, the Game of Thrones veteran Emilia Clarke was sighted at the legendary track, alongside the renowned F1 drivers. 

Game Of Thrones
Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones | HBO

But amid Emilia Clarke swapping the silver screen for the British Grand Prix, to visit the famous racing team, one thing that sent fans into a frenzy was the actress’ return as the mother of dragons. According to a video shared by McLaren, Clarke was spotted holding the camera and whispering “Dracarys”, just moments before firing the car. 

Game of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke Attended the British Grand Prix

During the recent British Grand Prix at Silverstone, alongside several sports persons and celebrities, even Emilia Clarke made a rare appearance at the event and later went on to surprise the renowned drivers at the F1 paddock. Her presence at the racing event not only shocked fans but even bewildered Spaniard Sainz. 


Famously known for her role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke was even spotted with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. But later on, the British actress was sighted in the McLaren paddock, caressing the McLarens and firing their F1 car. 

Emilia Clarke in a still from Game of Thrones | HBO
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones | HBO

Meanwhile, considering how fans have been truly disappointed with Game of Thrones ending, McLaren thought it would be great to take a shot at the show’s ending, but with their own twist. Therefore, with Emilia Clarke being present at the paddock, the franchise created a video with her, captioning it “The ending to @GameOfThrones we all wanted”. 

As soon as the video went viral, Emilia Clarke’s fans and even motorsport lovers shared their opinions on the event. While racing enthusiasts joked that the Italian team would have used some help from the English actress, one Game of Thrones fan expressed dissatisfaction over how Clarke could have said ‘Dracarys’ while firing the F1 car.


The Mother of Dragons Fulfilled Fans’ Demands by Commanding Dracarys

As more and more fans began corroborating with the X user who expressed their disappointment in the iconic video, McLaren realized the need to shoot another video with Emilia Clarke as a response to the comment. Therefore, later on, Clarke was seen firing up McLaren’s F1 car by recreating the Game of Thrones scene, as asked by the X user. 

Responding to the user’s demand, McLaren fulfilled their task by getting Emilia Clarke to command ‘Dracarys’ in her bold Daenerys Targaryen-like persona before firing the car. Thereafter, as the second video hit social media, it simply blew up the site with netizens expressing their excitement over the same. 

Emilia Clarke alongside her dragon, Rhaegal, breathing fire, in Game of Thrones
Emilia Clarke alongside her dragon, Rhaegal in Game of Thrones | HBO

Meanwhile, apart from Emilia Clarke, Hollywood legend Michael Douglas along with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and Brad Pitt were spotted at the event. Among other notable guests, Rowan Atkinson, Tom Hiddleston, and more were spotted at the British Grand Prix. 


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