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‘You came out of a private jet, showered me in dollar bills’: Tom Holland Reveals He Dressed as a Drag Queen to Beat Zendaya in Lip Sync Battle Because She Betrayed Him, Didn’t ‘keep it chill’

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Tom Holland has been always trending on social media, from memes to hilarious interviews. But nothing can beat his legendary appearance on Lip-Sync Battle. The star was competing against costar Zendaya. In the first round, Tom Holland covered ‘Ride Wit Me’ by Nelly while Zendaya performed Erica Badyu’s Tyrone.

Tom Holland performing in Lip Sync Battle
Tom Holland performing in Lip Sync Battle

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But diehard fans wanted more and they knew Lip Sync Battles are really won in the second round, participants were encouraged to dress up like the artist they are mimicking and perform with the whole set of backup dancers and props.

Tom Holland Dressed as a Drag Queen to Beat Zendaya in Lip Sync Battle

Zendaya performs Bruno Mars' 24k Magic in Lip Sync Battle
Zendaya performs Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic in Lip Sync Battle

Zendaya was the first and absolutely slayed performing 24K Gold by Bruno Mars. Then it was Tom Holland who took on and started tap-dancing performance of Gene Kelley’s Singing In The Rain. Then suddenly the star started singing Umbrella while showing off in a spaghetti-strap top, and hot pants with fishnets, just like Rhianna’s look from the music video.

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In an interview, our two stars talked about the lip sync battle, and the Spider-Man actor makes comments by saying how Zendaya came out of a private jet and showered him in dollars. And guess what, the real reason behind his spectacular performance is Zendaya. He reveals that he dressed like that to beat Zendaya in the battle because she betrayed him and didn’t make it easy.

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Tom Holland Trends on Internet by Performing in Drag While Playing It Straight

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

Earlier also some male stars took onto the stage and mimicked female celebrities by performing hilariously. For some celebrities, it’s the best way to get the crowd behind them by showing off their sense of humor by cross-dressing and lip-syncing to a song by a female performer. But Tom Holland proved them wrong. He didn’t do what so many of the male performers had done before him and didn’t copy them. He was not dressed as a woman to show off he had a sense of humor to pull up the crowd. He dressed as Rhianna to tribute Rhianna as an amazing artist and he did his best in the performance to match her energy.

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Written by Shreeparna Das