“You can kiss my Black a**”: Halle Berry Stood up Against Now-Disgraced Director for Berating Actors While Filming $407M X-Men United

"You can kiss my Black a**": Halle Berry Stood up Against Now-Disgraced Director for Berating Actors While Filming $407M X-Men United
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Hollywood star Halle Berry is known for her wide array of roles as well as for pioneering efforts to gain visibility for black women across the world. Whether it is through blockbusters or critically acclaimed films, the star has stood tall among many A-listers and has proved her worth across genres.

Halle berry
Oscar winner Halle Berry

Apart from her skilled acting chops, Halle Berry is also known to speak her mind and express her honest opinions on people and events happening around the world. With her confident no-nonsense attitude, the star has seldom shied away from confrontations when required. Disgraced X-Men 2 director Bryan Singer, was on the receiving end of Berry’s wrath.

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Halle Berry Had Tough Words For Bryan Singer

Halle Berry has never been one to beat around the bush when it comes to speaking her mind. The Monster’s Ball actor proved that she is tough as nails during her time as Storm in the X-Men series. While filming X-Men 2, Berry staged an intervention for director Bryan Singer who was then struggling with drug abuse. Fearing for the cast and for the welfare of Singer following his erratic and disturbing behavior, Berry was quoted to have told the director,

“I’ve heard enough. You can kiss my Black a**.”

Halle Berry
Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men

The Catwoman actor had earlier discussed her poor working relationship with Singer but also stated that her harsh words came from a place of empathy for the director’s personal struggles.

I got into a few fights with him, said a few cuss words out of sheer frustration. When I work, I’m serious about that. And when that gets compromised, I get a little nutty. But at the same time, I have a lot of compassion for people who are struggling with whatever they’re struggling with, and Bryan struggles.”

Halle Berry’s co-star Alan Cumming  in his memoir Baggage: Tales from a Fully Packed Life, detailed the experiences of the cast during X-Men 2 and Berry’s strong rebuttal to Bryan Singer during the intervention.


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Halle Berry Schooled A Troll In Epic Fashion

At age 56, Halle Berry is in the best shape of her life and the actor has not shied away from flaunting her physique multiple times on social media. Berry took to Instagram recently to post a sultry picture of herself in which she was naked on the balcony enjoying a glass of wine.

Halle Berry
Halle Berry in Die Another Day

While many fans were awestruck and praised the actor for looking like a million bucks, Berry had her fair share of trolls who did their best to body shame her. The actor in trademark fashion, responded to one particularly brutal comment about her age and body with the reply,


“Did you guys know the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?”

Berry’s brilliant repartee took the internet by storm and was highly lauded by netizens around the globe proving that the actor had what it takes to handle trolls of this nature with scathing grace and dignity.

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