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‘You can never be Zack Snyder’: James Gunn Divides DC Fans as He’s Reportedly Replacing Snyder as ‘Superman: Legacy’ Director

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Director Zack Snyder has said goodbye to the DC Studios for quite some time now. However, the work he did during his run still has a lot of fans demanding that he return to the Studios to take charge. While James Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-heads, have plenty of experience in the superhero genre, they have been on the receiving end of criticism for a while now.

James Gunn
James Gunn

It all basically started when James Gunn revealed that a new slate will be put into order for the DC Universe and that that slate wouldn’t have a place for Henry Cavill’s Superman in it. And now that the slate has been released, a particular project has caught the eye of the audience – Superman: Legacy. Now, James Gunn has found himself at the center of criticism yet again as rumors suggest that he would be directing the film.

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Is James Gunn Directing Superman: Legacy?

Superman: Legacy
Superman: Legacy

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Superman: Legacy is the first film to be coming out of the new DCU slate. With a release date set in 2025, the film will potentially set the expectations for the new chapter. Since fans have been quite disappointed in the new leadership for the past few months, Superman: Legacy could be a “make it or break it” point in their relationship with the superhero universe.

Therefore, it does make sense for James Gunn to take matters into his own hands and direct the film. This will allow Gunn to do things the way he has truly envisioned. While announcing Superman: Legacy, Peter Safran stated that Gunn is currently in the process of writing the film and added, “We certainly hope that he will direct it.”

However, fans appear to not be in favor of that opinion as some of them took to Twitter to state that they don’t want Gunn as the movie’s director.

This might be sprouting from the fact that their beloved Superman, portrayed by Henry Cavill, was directed by Zack Snyder. Since neither Cavill nor Snyder is a part of the DCU anymore, it sure would be hard for fans to accept a completely new actor-director duo. We hope Gunn knows what he’s doing as a lot of fans’ expectations of the new DCU lies in Superman: Legacy. The movie will focus on Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage as well as his human upbringing.

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Does James Gunn Have the Time to Direct the Film?

James Gunn
Director James Gunn

While Safran and the team are hoping for Gunn to direct Superman: Legacy, it’s worth asking if the director even has time to do so. Building a superhero universe is no easy task, that’s for sure. So while Gunn is definitely part of the writers’ team for the film, directing it might be a bit too much for him. He stated,

I only have one me. And I only have seven days in the week, all of which are used in the service of DC storytelling.”

When asked if instead of focusing on a little bit of everything, he would rather be interested in giving it his all for a great opening, Gunn stated that he does not have all the answers at the moment.

“It’s not an easy answer and I’m figuring it out as I go along. It’s the number one unknown thing about this, I don’t have all the answers. I’m just trying to learn as best as I can, how we can keep the quality because that’s what matters.”

Well, we definitely don’t want the director to overwork himself! After all, there is an expansive universe waiting for him and Safran out there. So far, there are no official updates regarding the cast or the behind-the-camera crew. We are just going to have to wait and see.

Superman: Legacy flies into theatres on July 11, 2025.

Source: Twitter | Home of DCU


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