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“You can never humiliate Henry, man is a Chad”: Graham Norton Fails Miserably Trying to Roast Henry Cavill For His Nerdy Hobbies After Tom Holland’s Approval

Graham Norton attempts to roast Henry Cavill for his hobbies

Henry Cavill, who has quite a good reputation in the film industry appeared in Graham Norton’s show alongside Tom Holland and Zendaya to each talk about their nerdy hobbies. While Zendaya’s was revealed to be knitting which she learned from her mother, and Tom Holland’s interest came out to be solving jigsaw puzzles, Henry Cavill’s nerdy side had an affiliation with painting Warhammer.

While Norton tried to tease Henry Cavill about his hobbies, Tom Holland had the back of the Justice League actor. Even many fans were supportive of Cavill’s hobbies, highlighting the actor’s humility to any sort of insults.

Henry Cavill.
Henry Cavill.

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Graham Norton tries to roast Henry Cavill for his hobbies

Henry Cavill, Tom Holland, and Zendaya appeared on The Graham Norton Show in late 2021, where they were asked about their nerdy hobbies. Tom Holland’s photo was projected solving a jigsaw puzzle, which showcased his hobby, while Zendaya revealed hers to be knitting.

Henry Cavill and Tom Holland in The Graham Norton Show
Henry Cavill and Tom Holland in The Graham Norton Show

Talking about Henry Cavill, Graham Norton mentioned that one of the many hobbies Henry Cavill has is painting, to which Cavill interjected that a lot of hobbies make him sound weird. While discussing Warhammer and the procedure of it, Norton attempted to roast Cavill asking if he calls people over to play, to which, Cavill replied positively.

Tom Holland followed the discussion by raising his hand and asking,

 “Can I come over and play? It sounds amazing.”

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Henry Cavill earlier defended his hobby saying it was fun, to which Norton teased him for playing with toys.

Fans react to Graham Norton’s attempt at roasting Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill, who appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside Tom Holland and Zendaya, was made fun of for his hobby of painting Warhammer by Graham Norton. Norton ridiculed the Enola Holmes actor for playing with toys, to which fans defended him. One of them said,

“You can never humiliate Henry. The man is a chad. He can get away with anything.”

Superman Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

Many fans expressed their dissent to Norton’s remarks on Twitter, some of them include,

While Cavill’s fans weren’t so impressed with Norton’s comments, Henry Cavill did not seem to take any offense and played the humiliation in a fun way.

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Henry Cavill recently appeared in Enola Holmes 2 which is available for streaming on Netflix

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Written by Saif Madre