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“You don’t have to do more”: Kevin Conroy Thanked Bruce Timm for Keeping Him in Check That Made Him the Definitive Batman While Everyone Kept Praising Legendary Voice Actor Without Criticism

"You don't have to do more": Kevin Conroy Thanked Bruce Timm for Keeping Him in Check That Made Him the Definitive Batman While Everyone Kept Praising Legendary Voice Actor Without Criticism

Kevin Conroy impressed many across the globe with his incredible performance in various variety shows, TV series, and films. He always delivered his best throughout his career, but his voice acting in Batman: The Animated Series left a strong impression on fans. Conroy’s voice is as signature to Batman as his costume. The viewers of the show loved Conroy’s voice which matched Batman’s persona perfectly.

Kevin Conroy sadly died on November 10, 2022, at the age of 66, leaving his fans mourning. The actor left his years of legacy behind which will always be remembered by his fans. His remarkable work will always be recognized by the people who paid their condolences to the late star. The makers of Batman: The Animated Series, Warner Bros. Discovery paid their tribute to the most iconic Batman voice actor by giving free online access to Finding Batman. Bruce Timm, one of the main contributors to developing the DC animated franchise, had something really special to share about the casting of Conroy. 

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Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy

Bruce Timm On Kevin Conroy’s Impressive Voice

Bruce Timm has led several DC animated projects over the years and shared his experience of creating one of the most iconic superhero animated series. Timm shared the behind-the-scenes of Kevin Conroy’s casting and noted that everyone present in the room was shocked and impressed by hearing Conroy’s version of Batman’s voice, which had every quality the makers were looking for. Timm shared the difficulty while voicing the animated characters to make an ever-lasting impact on audiences. 

“My one note is less. It’s because actors want to act, and Batman we typically play him as pretty stoic and pretty even-keeled. And so a lot of the lines are — you know, and he has some really great lines and you kind of want to play them, but it’s just like, ‘Nah, less is more.’ Just, like, less. You know, flat.”

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Bruce Timm
Bruce Timm

Kevin Conroy Thanked Bruce Timm

Conroy’s views matched in perfect alignment with Timm’s. He shared the most challenging part while voicing the iconic character of Batman. Conroy thanked Timm for guiding him across his journey, as Timm would always help him in marking the perfect range for Batman’s voice.

“No, he’s right, your impulse as an actor is always to kind of push it a little bit, showboat it a little bit. The difficult thing about doing the Batman voice is you’re very constrained, it’s a very limited range that you have to work in. How do you show joy in that voice, you know? So it’s all very confined. I would think I’d have to do more to make it read because it’s all so confined, and Bruce would always say, ‘No, no. You don’t have to do more. Just a little tiny bit here and there, that’s fine.”

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Kevin Conroy - The Batman's voice actor
Kevin Conroy – The Batman voice actor

It is the result of the partnership between Timm and Conroy, and many more people, who poured their best to create one of the most iconic animated series which is adored by fans to date. Conroy has surely left this world but his legacy will remain alive forever.

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