“You don’t see Italians in space”: Sylvester Stallone Thought He’d Be The Pizza Guy in Star Wars After Being Asked To Audition For Han Solo

Sylvester Stallone tried to audition for the role of Han Solo in George Lucas' Star Wars.

sylvester stallone thought he’d be the pizza guy in star wars after being asked to audition for han solo


  • Sylvester Stallone failed to snag the role of Han Solo while auditioning for the first Star Wars film.
  • He revealed George Lucas did not like him and admitted he'd look terrible in spandex.
  • Stallone criticized the use of science and special effects in Star Wars.
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Sylvester Stallone famously reached international fame because of his works on Rocky and The Expendables, but the actor once revealed he almost joined Star Wars, a billion-dollar franchise that could have changed the trajectory of his career.

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Sylvester Stallone The Expendables 4
Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables 4

Stallone went to audition for the coveted role of Han Solo. Of course, the part eventually went to Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford, though the legendary action star admitted he was never a top choice for the space warrior.


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Sylvester Stallone Recalled Awkward Han Solo Audition

In his interview via The Jonathan Ross Show, Creed star Sylvester Stallone shared how he attempted to audition for George Lucas’ Star Wars movie. After wrapping up Rocky, he took his chance to work on another famous franchise. He stated:


I was brought in there. I had no idea what I was doing there. First of all, you don’t see Italians in space. It doesn’t work. It’s like, ‘Oh, wait a minute, pizza delivery!’ ‘No. I’m here.’ So, I waited, I went in, and I knew I was wrong. George Lucas was sitting there, and you know when you’re walking instantly that this is not going to go well when the director does this [face palms].”

Stallone knew right away that he was never going to get the part. The actor saved himself from embarrassment and admitted he never looked good in Han Solo’s outfit. Stallone continued:

Eventually, I said, ‘You know what, I’ll make it simple. I look terrible in leotards, I get it.’ And then, of course, Harrison Ford. I can’t believe he got it, wow. Anyway, that’s what happened.”

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harrison ford as han solo
Harrison Ford as Han Solo

In another interview via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Stallone revealed he immediately felt he was not welcomed the moment he walked into the room. To ease the burden of the casting director, he said:

Let me just make it easy for you. I would look like crap in spandex leotards and a ray gun. Guys in space don’t have this kind of face. I get it.”

Stallone assured fans that everything worked out fine even though he did not bag the role of Han Solo. He still made it big after starring in blockbuster franchises such as The Expendables, Creed, and The Suicide Squad.


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Sylvester Stallone Slammed Star Wars’ Excessive Use Of Science And Special Effects

Despite his attempt at joining Star Wars, Sylvester Stallone expressed his discontentment with George Lucas’ movies, lashing out at the franchise that revolutionized science fiction. He told Film Threat:


What I meant is that, beginning with ‘Star Wars,’ the industry began to revolutionize itself. Special effects and technology became extremely important, and action films went from being ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ to these extraordinary special effects events. It wasn’t really a prerequisite that he be a great actor anymore. The human emotion was being transformed into the technological explosion.”

Star Wars Poster
Star Wars

The 77-year-old actor lamented how modern movies became dependent on special effects. He also noted viewers would end up thinking about the technology instead of the story:

At the end of the movie, you don’t walk out saying, ‘I was moved,’ or ‘I was sad,’ or ‘I cried,’ but ‘How’d they do that?’ You intellectualize, but you don’t emotionalize. The last time I had done a film without this kind of gimmickry was First Blood in 1982. After that, my career began to move away from what I think I do best, into something… it was completely out of my hands, and science took over. Now, I’m just trying to say, ‘Enough of science.’

Stallone’s jab at Star Wars movies was probably brought about by his passion for the traditional ways of filmmaking.


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