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You: Everybody Who Died In Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3 of You

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As Season 3 of Netflix‘s You follows Joe Goldberg’s marriage to Love in the Madre Linda suburbs, their passion for other lovers and the need to keep skeletons in their closets forces people to die. As a result, let’s take a look at who dies this season as the rash pair gets back into the swing of things in order to maintain their fictitious world.

Natalie, Joe and Love’s next-door neighbour, doesn’t last long

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After Joe decided not to continue an affair with Natalie Engler, many thought she would only survive a few episodes. She does, however, die at the end of Episode 1, “And They Lived Happily Ever After,” when Love discovers Natalie’s underpants in Joe’s souvenir box. Love is enraged, and she doesn’t care if Joe is simply fantasising; she believes adultery has occurred.

Gil’s unvaccinated children give the measles to Joe and Love’s baby


Gil apologises to Love’s bakery when Henry is admitted to the hospital with a serious case of measles. Joe was also infected, with Gil confessing that he is an anti-vaxxer and that his unvaccinated children spread it during a party. Love is enraged by his casual attitude, as she cannot afford to lose her kid. Last season, she lost her brother, Forty, and because Henry’s middle name is Forty, grief prompts her to slam a rolling pin into Gil’s brain. They keep him in Joe’s glass cage in the hopes of extracting information that they can use to blackmail him if he escapes. Gil, sadly, hangs himself once the guilt of his son’s sexual predatory behaviour and his wife’s cover-up settles in.

Joe despises Ryan, his boss’s abusive ex-girlfriend

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Joe’s new target of passion is Marienne, his library boss, therefore it’s only natural that he grows to despise her abusive ex-husband, newscaster Ryan. Because the toxic jerk is using his connections and white privilege to force a harsh custody battle for their daughter Juliette, Joe, acting as a vigilante, removes Ryan from the scenario in “Red Flag.”Joe disguises himself and pushes Ryan over the edge in a parking lot. Joe’s murderous instinct comes in and he stabs Ryan many times, fleeing the scene as a lady finds the body. Ryan earlier came across as an alpha, making Joe look like he was failing at courting Marienne, so Joe’s lethal instinct kicks in and he stabs Ryan multiple times.

Joe Kills Love Before She Can Kill Him


Love explains how an enamoured Joe died for an unaware Marienne and planned to elope with her and take Henry to the conclusion, “What Is Love?” At dinner, Love uses aconite to paralyse Joe, which she had used to kill her first husband when he tried to flee. While she applies the proper quantity to keep Joe motionless this time, he foresaw it and took adrenaline pills in beforehand.

Joe impersonates death before injecting Love with a deadly dosage of the wolfsbane poison she grew in her garden. He looked up the chemistry of the drug and antidotes online, and he knows that an overdose will kill Love, allowing him to frame her for all of Season 3’s killings as well as his own. As he flees, it’s a foolproof plan, but you feel for Love because, in a horrific finale to their marriage, she makes it obvious that she believes Joe was her soulmate in her final breath.