You get Meryl on the set: Meryl Streep Nearly Became Sylvester Stallone’s Daughter in Sequel to $159 Million Sci-Fi Movie

You get Meryl on the set: Meryl Streep Nearly Became Sylvester Stallone's Daughter in Sequel to $159 Million Sci-Fi Movie
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Imagine a universe where a sequel to the 1993 action-thriller Demolition Man was in development, with Meryl Streep playing Sylvester Stallone’s estranged daughter. It sounds like an absurd concept that could only exist in a comedic sketch. But somehow, it was a real idea, that was being considered at one point.

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

Despite the concept being outlandish, it begs the question of how far the idea progressed. Unfortunately, it didn’t get too far, but the notion alone is enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone’s mind.

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Why Were Demolition Man 2 Plans Demolished

In a 2018 episode of the Projection Booth podcast, writer Daniel Walters disclosed a wild idea for a Demolition Man sequel. Producer Joel Silver had expressed interest in the sequel and wanted to cast the esteemed actress Meryl Streep as Sylvester Stallone‘s daughter. Walters shared this revelation, shedding light on what could have been a very different direction for the franchise. While the idea never made it past the discussion stage, it’s still a fascinating concept to consider.

Meryl Streep is referred to as "the best of her generation".
Meryl Streep is referred to as “the best of her generation”.

“I get a call from Joel. ‘What do you think of this? Meryl Streep is Stallone’s daughter for the sequel. What do you think?’ I’m like ‘Okay, you get Meryl on the set and I’ll come out.'”

The plot of Demolition Man follows a group of bystanders who get caught up in the escalating conflict of Los Angeles’ war on crime. Sylvester Stallone’s character, cop John Spartan, and Wesley Snipes’ character, violent criminal Simon Phoenix, are held accountable for the destruction and are sentenced to “CryoPrison,” a state of frozen incarnation.

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Why Did The Film Never Get A Sequel

A subplot in the original film involved Spartan’s reunion with his grown-up daughter, who had aged beyond his years due to his cryogenic suspension. This discarded plot point was reportedly intended to be the basis for Demolition Man 2, with Joel Silver considering the addition of Meryl Streep to the cast to play the daughter. 

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

However, it is unclear whether Silver ever pursued the idea with Streep, and given the unlikelihood of the acclaimed actress agreeing to such an odd concept, it is safe to assume that the project never came to fruition. The first installment was both a commercial and critical success, making the idea of a sequel a reasonable consideration. The proposed concept of Demolition Man 2 featuring Meryl Streep as Stallone’s long-lost daughter is undeniably bizarre.

Producer Joel Silver planned to use a scrapped subplot from the original movie, which involved Spartan reuniting with his now older daughter after being frozen for years. The possibility of a sequel was likely dashed when Silver failed to sell his crazy idea to Streep. 


Demolition Man is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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