“You go to the Oscars when you are nominated”: 8 Time Oscars Nominee George Clooney Still Won’t Attend Oscars Ceremony Just to Watch Other Actors Win

8 Time Oscars Nominee George Clooney Still Won't Attend Oscars Ceremony Just to Watch Other Actors Win
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George Clooney is the epitome of the handsome, suave, and talented Hollywood star that audiences have been swooning over for decades. The actor’s charismatic personality combined with his impressive acting chops, has made him one of the most popular and bankable stars in the industry. Clooney is also a multiple Oscar nominee and winner in the Best Supporting Actor category for his powerful performance in Syriana.

George Clooney
Oscar winner George Clooney

The Ocean’s Eleven star though, has had a very honest approach to appearing at award ceremonies, especially the Oscars. Clooney has caused quite a stir about his opinion on being invited to the Academy Awards in the capacity of a presenter and has in no uncertain terms, elaborated on the reasons behind it.

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Here’s Why George Clooney Refused To Attend The Oscars For Many Years

The Academy Awards are the pinnacle of cinematic achievement and the most coveted recognition for excellence in films. In addition, the Oscars night also holds pride of place in Hollywood among all celebrities who deem it an honor to be invited to witness the awards either in the capacity of presenters or guests even if they aren’t nominated. But George Clooney was one star who had a different opinion about the Oscars. The actor who had been invited many times as a presenter before his Oscar nominations in 2006, turned down the offer saying,

“They’ve asked me to present. But that seems like me trying to force my way into a party that I wasn’t invited to. I think you go to the Oscars when you’re nominated.”

George Clooney
George Clooney won the Oscar for Syriana

While Clooney’s comment may have also been interpreted as being arrogant, the actor’s reputation as one of the most respected and personable actors in the industry ensured that his opinions were taken in the right sense. Subsequently, in 2006, the star was nominated for 3 awards including Best Director for Good Night, Good Luck. Clooney ultimately won his first Oscar for his acting performance in Syriana.

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George Clooney’s New Movie Will Release During Christmas

George Clooney is all set with his next directorial The Boys in the Boat which will release worldwide on Christmas Day 2023. The film is an inspiring true story about the University of Washington’s rowing team who overcame their Depression-era beginnings to win gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The film is adapted from author Daniel James Brown’s book on the 9 rowers who took America to a historic win. Brown, who received a call from George Clooney regarding making a film on his narrative, said,

I was really impressed by how well he knew the book — he had not only read it but he really seemed to sort of get it. I don’t know what’s going to come out of the sausage machine, but I was heartened by the things that Clooney had to say about it.”

George Clooney
George Clooney’s directorial The Boys in the Boat will be released on December 25, 2023

With George Clooney’s keen eye for detail and his unique directorial touches, The Boys in the Boat looks to be a film to watch out for this winter holiday season

The Boys in the Boat will be released in theaters on December 25th, 2023.


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