“You guys really believe I am Mark Wahlberg?”: John Wick Star Keanu Reeves Was Fuming after Being Mistaken for Uncharted Actor

John Wick Star Keanu Reeves Was Fuming after Being Mistaken for Uncharted Actor
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Mistaken identities can lead to some amusing situations. One such incident occurred in a Funny or Die video titled Interrogations Gone Wrong, where Keanu Reeves, the renowned John Wick star, was hilariously mistaken for Mark Wahlberg. The video, filled with humor and absurdity, has Reeves trying to convince two detectives of his true identity, leading to a series of laugh-out-loud moments that have since gone viral.


A Comedic Interrogation Gone Awry

Keanu Reeves Interrogations Gone Wrong
A still from Funny or Die’s Interrogations Gone Wrong

The video, part of the Funny or Die series Interrogations Gone Wrong, presents a scenario where Keanu Reeves is interrogated by two detectives, Colt Python and Jack Steel. The detectives convinced that they have Mark Wahlberg in their custody, accuse Reeves of outrageous public acts.

Reeves, playing along initially, becomes increasingly frustrated as the detectives refuse to believe his identity. The humor escalates when the detectives threaten to bring in John Wick, a character from Reeves’ films, to torture their prisoner, oblivious that John Wick is fictional. Reeves exclaims in disbelief,


“You guys really believe I’m Mark Wahlberg, and that Mark Wahlberg has been running all over town having s*x—I don’t think Mark would do that,”

adding a layer of absurdity to the already comical situation.

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Keanu Reeves – The Comedic Action Star

Keanu Reeves 2023 BottleRock Napa Valley festival
Keanu Reeves at the 2023 BottleRock Napa Valley festival

Reeves’ performance in the video is a testament to his versatility as an actor. Known for his action roles, Reeves showcases his comedic timing in this spoof video. His escalating frustration, coupled with his attempts to convince the detectives of his true identity, adds to the hilarity of the situation.


Despite the scenario’s absurdity, The Matrix star maintains his character, delivering his lines with a seriousness that contrasts with the comedic setting, enhancing the humor. His performance is a reminder that Reeves can handle humor just as well as he handles action, further solidifying his status as a versatile actor.

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The Audience’s Verdict

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

The video has been well-received by the audience, with many finding it hilarious. The absurdity of the situation, the detectives’ stubborn refusal to accept Reeves’ identity, and the John Wick star’s escalating frustration all contribute to the humor. The video has been shared and discussed on various platforms, increasing its popularity. The reactions to the video highlight Reeves’ comedic timing and his ability to engage the audience even in a spoof scenario. The video has been praised for its humor, with Reeves’ standout performance.


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The Interrogations Gone Wrong video is a comedic gem showcasing Keanu Reeves’ versatility and ability to engage and entertain the audience, even when mistaken for Mark Wahlberg.

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